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First thing, we are super excited that you reached out to us and want you to know that we are here to help you through every step of the process. We want to keep everything easy and transparent for you, so if you haven't already, check out our pricing pages below.

Once you are done with that, feel free to book a call or shoot us an e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photography is what we do, our goal is to tell your story creatively while at the same time giving you an experience that you will never forget. Our artists are trained to ensure that we meet all your needs while providing you with everything you need without paying more than you have to.

Can we see full weddings?

We have curated 11+ years of weddings on our blog; here, you can see full wedding day stories and exactly what you can expect when working with us. You can see back to 2010, as long as you promise not to judge our early days too hard, we have come a long way ;-). We keep our style relevant and timeless and will continue to improve, so the latest weddings on our blog will be the most similar to what you will get from us.

What Makes MAP different?

MAP has been in business for over 12 years. We have photographed weddings all throughout the world. Michael is a photography educator and has taught thousands of photographers about lighting, posing, and storytelling, along with how to make sure that their clients have an amazing experience from start to finish.

  • Our studio is experience-focused. Yes, we give you good pictures, that is a given, but more importantly, we want you to have a great experience from start to finish.
  • Our photography team gets specialized training throughout the year.
  • We are trained in capturing weddings in all types of situations
  • Our team can work under stress, on a tight timeline, and in any lighting environment
  • We have a dedicated experience manager that will ensure that your timeline makes sense, your products are finished on time, and your photos are finished just two weeks after your shoot.
  • Our albums are handcrafted and designed, and Michael approves every photo before delivery.
  • Michael has been honored with numerous accolades by industry peers.

Steps to Booking Your Wedding With Us


Review our pricing above and choose the best one for you based on your budget and the needs of your wedding


We are not going to make you jump through hoops to get pricing; after reviewing our pricing above, you can call me at 310-906-6210 or shoot me a text! I would love to chat with you. I will send you a questionnaire to learn a bit more about your wedding and then shoot you a proposal. You can reserve your date online with a $1000 retainer.

If you don't like texting or calling, no worries, you can e-mail our team at

Create Your Memories!

Our process of working with you is all-inclusive. We have a team of people who work together to ensure that you are well taken care of, from planning your shoots to designing your final album. Your story is unique, and we understand that, so no clients get cookie-cutter template albums. We customize your experience uniquely for you.

The number above is my direct line, so feel free to contact me whenever you have questions.

Services that we offer

Wedding Albums

We live in a digital world, but some things are still meant to be printed. Your wedding album is the cornerstone of our work on your wedding. It is the final product we will provide to you and will have a special role in your family for generations to come. There are a few things to understand about wedding albums.

1. Your Wedding Album is a Storybook

Our goal isn’t to take your wedding photos and then make an album out of the photos that were taken. Our artists are trained to shoot with the intention of album design. That means they may photograph 7 detailed images vertically and then one large horizontal ring shot on the right side of the page. They may shoot your first look in the same orientation and composition to lay out the images on a spread to tell a story in motion. The point here is that your artist is not just a “picture-taker” but specifically trained on how to capture stories that will end up in a layout.

2. We shoot and design intending to invoke Memory

They say that images are directly tied to memory, but did you know that something as simple as a facial expression can influence how you perceive that memory? Our wedding albums are designed to not only make you remember what was happening on your wedding day but also to make you remember how you were feeling when the images were taken.

3. Quality Craftsmanship is key to preserving your memories

Our wedding albums are handmade in Italy by a single person from start to finish. Then go through quality control and inspection before being delivered to you. We searched the world to provide the absolute best possible quality to our clients, which is why we are one of the only studios in California to give our clients a limited lifetime warranty on our wedding albums.

Engagement Sessions

Your wedding photos are only a part of your story. We want to ensure that we tell your full story from start to finish. Therefore, we include an engagement session with all of our sessions to help you get to know us. We have a variety of locations that we know will photograph well at all times of the year. You can take a look at our engagement session location guide for more information about the best places to do engagement sessions in Los Angeles.

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