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Our Wedding Photography Styles

From the moment someone gets engaged, hours are spent carefully thinking about what is going to make this particular wedding special. Couples painstakingly decide every detail to create the wedding of their dreams. It is safe to say that a person’s wedding day may be the single most thought about the day of their lives. It is for this reason that wedding photography must strive to capture the day with perfect timing and clarity. However, one does not want only to remember how things looked or what color the bridesmaids wore; wedding photography should also inspire those who view it to relive those moments and feel those emotions over and over again. The wedding photography style you choose should capture all the details timelessly. You want to have framed photographs for your walls, but you also want someone to have noticed the flower girl sneaking a taste of the frosting.

Michael Anthony Photography will always blend several wedding photography styles into the wedding day coverage of every single wedding we photograph.

Capturing the day, three ways:

Cinematic Style:

Our photographers strive to achieve the “wow” of a client’s wedding day by shooting images in a Cinematic Style. Cinematic style photos are our signature images. These images are the ones you imagine on the cover of your wedding album, those that will hang proudly on your wall, the ones that draw inspiration from high fashion magazines and wedding gown advertisements. Sometimes labeled as fine art photography, explains it as “fashion photography” because it borrows techniques from the world of high-end fashion. Cinematic incorporates movement, fashion-based lighting, and storytelling while blending a couple and their environment.

The Cinematic Style focuses on:

  • capturing vivid, fashion-inspired poses

  • using architectural elements and environmental details

  • incorporating dramatic lighting

  • elaborate hand editing

Our team will hand edit these images, often taking up to an hour to perfect a single image. These photographs will offer a dramatic flair, while also capturing the beauty of the venue, the details, and the wardrobe. Photographers will choose angles and backgrounds to make these photographs look their best and will produce high-end, one of a kind images that will take your breath away. We work hard to ensure that we make photos in this style during each of the key moments during your wedding day.

Cinematic Style Wedding Photography

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Creative Photojournalism:

We use a creative photojournalistic approach to your day. Artistic Photojournalism essentially means that our skilled photographers are going to take the time to get to know their subjects on a deeply personal level. That helps us to identify the moments that are important to our couples. It also helps us to understand what pieces of their day will evoke rich emotion, and especially, what memories are worth preserving. A photojournalistic style of photography captures even the small moments that sometimes occur in between more significant moments.

Creative Photojournalism focuses on:

  • Capturing moments from creative angles

  • Triggering powerful memories

  • Noticing what others may not have seen.

  • Capturing natural and unguarded moments

Sometimes, while the bride and groom are cutting the cake, grandma and grandpa are quietly stealing a kiss in the background. Likewise, while the best man gives his toast, the groom’s laughter may be creating the perfect portrait to capture his joy in the day. This style ensures that those other moments, the moments that make memories, get documented as well. Good photographers have their cameras at the ready to shoot through all the critical moments. Doing so allows our photographers a better opportunity to not miss a thing.

The photographer’s creativity and skill are relied on to tell your love story. Our experienced photographers are trained to continue shooting even when they think the moment may be over to capture the unexpected, the rare, and the beautiful.

Creative Photojournalism Wedding Photos

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Traditional Wedding Photography Style:

Of course, blending in a conventional approach is equally as important. All of those well-planned details and correctly scheduled events cannot be overlooked or forgotten.

Typically, our photographers will use natural light portraiture techniques to capture photos that will stand the test of time. Our photographers can master this, even when the lighting is low or the setting is not ideal. You can expect images such as a portrait of the cake, a picture of the bouquets, a pose with grandma or the giggling flower girls, and happy photographs of toasting bridesmaids.

Traditional Wedding Photography Style incorporates:

  • capturing clean lines and crisp images

  • using natural light

  • keeping a bright and airy feel

  • maintaining a modern vibe

  • some posed and formal shots

It is a technique here, which sets this style apart from a photojournalistic approach. Where a photojournalistic style capture events as they naturally unfold, a more traditional method includes the classic, posed shots of the couple with their family and bridal party. Traditional photography is clean and modern, but more importantly, it will stand the test of time. In other words, your wedding photos won’t be cheesy in 15 years.

These photos often involve the photographer adjusting a pose, pausing a moment, or gathering groups of people together. That is not to say that this style of photography is all posed or formal, but instead, it involves more planning on the part of the photographer to ensure that close family, friends and the moments that happen between them are all documented. We design these images by the photographer’s creativity rather than only organically occurring events.

Traditional Style Wedding Photography

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Calamigos Ranch Vintage Wedding PortraitBride at The Neighborhood ChurchNewhall Mansion Bridal Suite PhotosWhen trying to choose a style of photography you love, make sure you are choosing a style that speaks to not only your memory of the event but also to your heart. An excellent photograph should be able to tell an entire story while capturing just a moment. What do you want your pictures to make you feel? What story will they remember? If you think you need more information about the various wedding photography styles, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Still unsure what wedding photography style best suits the vibe of your special day? Take a look through our portfolio to see some of our favorite examples of each method.

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