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Weddings can be busy, with many different things happening simultaneously. We sometimes work alongside a second photographer, also known as an associate photographer, to help document your wedding.

While our normal pricing includes a second photographer, small weddings may be discounted from their coverage if only one photographer is required.

Better for Photojournalism

A lot of what we do is what's called photojournalism. This simply means we document the day's events as they unfold rather than stage or pose everything.

Two photographers are often better at this than one, as you can cover more ground and get more angles and perspectives.

For example, while one photographer is with the bride getting ready, the other can photograph the groom and groomsmen. This way, we make sure that no important moments are missed.

Or, while one photographer is taking formal family portraits, the other can document guests arriving and mingling.

Backup in Case of Emergency

While we take every precaution to avoid it, sometimes accidents happen. A second photographer gives us a backup in case of an emergency.

In the unlikely event that we become sick or injured on the day of your wedding, the second photographer can step in and take over.

This means you can rest assured that your wedding photography is in good hands, no matter what happens.

Different Perspectives and Angles

Two photographers also mean that you'll get more variety in your photos. This is because each photographer will have their unique perspective and style.

So, while one might focus on wide shots of the ceremony, the other will be able to get close-ups of the bride and groom exchanging vows.

Or, one photographer might focus on detailed shots while the other captures the overall feeling of the reception.

This variety is especially apparent when you receive your wedding photos and see them together. You'll be able to see your wedding day from multiple angles and perspectives, and it's truly a beautiful thing.

More Photos in General

Having two photographers also means you'll end up with more photos. This is because we can be in two places simultaneously and work together as a team.

For example, while one of us is taking formal portraits, the other can photograph the guests as they arrive and mingle.

More Candid Photos

Since there are two of us, we can also be more discreet when taking candid photos. This means that we're less likely to be noticed by your guests, which results in more natural-looking photos.

For example, one photographer can blend in with the guests while the other photographs the bride and groom from a distance. This way, we can capture those candid moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

How Many Photographers do you need?

It is a common question with many different answers. The answer depends on your wedding day vision, schedule, and budget. Our standard coverage always contains two photographers because it allows us to capture multiple angles on the wedding day. However, there are instances where a 3rd photographer is important.

Large weddings

If you are expecting a large wedding with 300+ guests, we recommend adding a 3rd photographer to your package. This will allow us to capture more candid moments of your guests as well as have someone dedicated to solely gathering photos of your guests.

If you have a large wedding, get in touch about adding a photographer.

If you want Cocktail Hour Covered

If you would like your cocktail hour covered, we recommend adding a 3rd photographer. This will allow us to have one photographer dedicated to cocktail hour, one focused on reception details, and the 3rd to work with the bride/groom during portraits.

I can't stress this enough, if cocktail hour coverage is important to you, then talk with us about adding an assistant for the day so that we can make sure to capture it. After designing hundreds of albums, I can confidently say that it's very rare for couples to use images from the cocktail hour in their album. However, all couples are different, and if there are special instances where you would want cocktail hour covered, then make sure to ask us about adding on an assistant.

Instances where you will need only one photographer

We can potentially offer you discounted coverage in cases where only one photographer is necessary. These cases may include some of the following:

  • Small weddings (under 75 guests)
  • Short Weddings (under 5 hours)
  • Elopements or only Portrait Shoots

If any of these apply to you, let us know, and we can potentially offer you discounted coverage before you book.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many benefits to having two photographers at your wedding. We believe this is the best way to document your big day, from complete coverage to more candid photos.

If you have any questions about our pricing or packages, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would happily chat with you about your specific needs and wants.

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