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Professional Photographer in Richardson, Texas

Richardson Local Photographer

In Richardson, my photography captures this bustling city’s dynamic spirit and cultural diversity. Known for its high-tech business environment and rich cultural landscape, Richardson provides a vibrant backdrop for various types of photography, from urban landscapes to community events and family gatherings.

My work in Richardson highlights the architectural beauty of the city's modern office parks, the lively atmosphere of its multicultural festivals, and the serene settings of its many parks and recreational areas. These elements combine to showcase the unique character of Richardson, making it an ideal locale for capturing compelling visual stories.

As a local photographer in Richardson, I've developed a deep connection with the community, allowing me to capture authentic moments that resonate with the local ethos. Whether photographing a corporate event in the Telecom Corridor, a family outing at Prairie Creek Park, or a cultural celebration downtown, I aim to produce images that not only document but also celebrate the life and energy of Richardson. Through my lens, I strive to tell the story of Richardson, preserving the memories and moments that define this dynamic city.

I am a professional photographer who offers headshots, weddings, and portrait photography in Richardson, Texas.

I took my 7 month old mini dachshund puppy here to make memories, and memories is exactly what I got! I highly recommend this studio if you're looking to capture a special moment in your life! The studio is clean, spacious, and comfortable. It offers a variety of different options for you to get the best photo. Michael did a fantastic job capturing the essence of my puppy and the deep love I have for her. Keeping the attention of a puppy isn't an easy task and they did an excellent job. I did my photo reveal session and all the pictures were absolutely gorgeous! Very looking forward to receiving the final product!

-Garrett Miller

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Richardson Wedding Photographer

In Richardson, my wedding photography services, starting at $2,999, are designed to capture the elegance and unique charm of each couple's special day. Richardson offers various wedding venues that cater to multiple styles, from intimate garden settings to grand ballrooms.

I blend traditional and contemporary photographic techniques to create a timeless wedding day narrative. Whether it’s the modern elegance of Noah's Event Venue or the natural beauty of the SpringPark Club, each venue in Richardson provides a unique canvas for wedding stories

My approach focuses on capturing the authentic moments of joy, the intricate details of the wedding decor, and the heartfelt interactions between guests. With Richardson's scenic parks and stylish urban elements, I ensure that the background of each photo complements the day's mood and the couple's style.

Providing a comprehensive photography service in Richardson, I aim to capture every aspect of the wedding day, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the excitement of the reception. My goal is to leave each couple with a beautifully curated collection of images that encapsulate the romance and joy of their wedding, allowing them to relive those cherished moments for years to come.

Callaway Winery Wedding
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Richardson Portrait Photographer

In Richardson, my portrait photography services, starting at $299, are meticulously tailored to capture the individuality and essence of each subject, offering a diverse range of styles to suit families, pets, and expectant mothers.

Family Photography

I offer family photography in Richardson. Richardson's vibrant community and beautiful parks, such as Cottonwood Park and Breckinridge Park, provide the perfect backdrop for family photography. I focus on capturing the natural interactions and emotions that reflect each family’s unique dynamics. These sessions are about creating beautiful portraits and documenting the love and connection that family members share, providing them with timeless memories.

Pet Photography

Understanding the special bond between pets and their owners, I offer pet photography sessions that aim to capture the character and quirks of these beloved family members. Whether in a park, at home, or at a specific location that the pet is comfortable with, I strive to create vibrant and expressive portraits that pet owners can cherish forever.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography in Richardson is about celebrating the beauty of pregnancy in settings that are meaningful and comforting to the expectant mother. I provide a gentle and accommodating approach to these sessions, ensuring expectant mothers feel relaxed and beautiful. The serene environment of Richardson's natural settings serves as a perfect backdrop for capturing this particular time, highlighting the anticipation and joy of motherhood.

Each portrait session in Richardson is thoughtfully planned and executed to capture stunning images and ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for the subjects, making each photograph a reflection of their personality and a cherished keepsake.

Richardson Senior Photographer

In Richardson, my senior photography services, starting at $299, are designed to celebrate the milestones and individuality of high school seniors. Richardson's vibrant community and picturesque settings provide an excellent backdrop for capturing these young adults’ unique personalities and achievements.

Personalized Sessions

I work closely with seniors from Richardson High School, Berkner High School, and other local schools to create personalized sessions that reflect their interests and aspirations. Whether they are athletes, artists, or scholars, I aim to showcase their talents and passions through dynamic and creative photography.

Diverse Locations

Richardson offers a variety of locations that can serve as the perfect stage for senior portraits. From the natural beauty of Breckinridge Park to the urban chic of the downtown area, each location provides a unique setting that can be tailored to the senior's style and preferences. This flexibility allows for various portrait styles, from casual and relaxed to more formal or artistic shots.

Focus on the Future

As these seniors prepare to enter the next phase of their lives, I aim to capture their spirit and enthusiasm through photographs that they and their families will treasure. I strive to make each session fun and memorable, providing a space where seniors can express themselves freely, resulting in genuine and impactful images.

My senior photography in Richardson not only commemorates this significant period in their lives but also celebrates the person they have become, providing them with a lasting memento of their final year in high school.

Richardson Headshot Photographer

In Richardson, my headshot photography services, starting at $299, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals, actors, and individuals looking to enhance their brand. Richardson's dynamic business environment and cultural scene provide ample opportunities for professionals to stand out with a strong headshot.

Corporate Headshots

For the professionals in Richardson, particularly those in the thriving tech and business sectors, I offer corporate headshots that convey confidence and professionalism. These are essential for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and business collateral. My approach is to create headshots that look polished and represent the professional ethos of the individual.

Creative Headshots

Artists and performers in Richardson can benefit from headshots that capture their artistic identity. These sessions highlight their creativity and individuality, crucial for portfolios, agency submissions, and promotional materials. I ensure that each headshot reflects the unique qualities that set them apart in the entertainment industry.

Personal Branding Headshots

Understanding the importance of a robust online presence, I specialize in personal branding headshots. These are ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals looking to enhance their visibility and impact on social media and professional networking sites. Each session is personalized to reflect the individual’s style and professional goals, ensuring their headshot contributes positively to their personal and professional image.

My headshot photography in Richardson focuses on providing a high-quality, personalized experience that helps my clients achieve their professional and personal branding goals. Whether for corporate use, creative portfolios, or personal branding, each headshot is crafted to support their professional journey and make a lasting impression.

Corporate Headshot
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Expertise & Experience

At Richardson, my photography expertise and experience are grounded in over 15 years of professional practice, marked by significant achievements and a deep dedication to photography. This extensive background equips me to handle various photographic needs professionally and creatively.


  • I am recognized as a Master of Photography by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), a distinction that highlights my technical skills and creative vision.
  • My work has received over 200 awards at international image competitions like WPPI, Imaging USA, Shutterfest, and WPE, demonstrating my capability to produce top-quality images across various photography genres.
  • I specialize in multiple photographic styles, allowing me to adapt to my client’s specific needs, whether capturing the intricate details of a wedding, the unique personality in a portrait, or the professional essence of a headshot.


  • My experience extends beyond just capturing images. I have been actively involved in the photography community, sharing my knowledge and insights as a speaker at over 30 national and international conferences. This role as an educator helps me stay at the forefront of industry trends and techniques, continually refining my craft.
  • The testimonials and reviews from my clients reflect their high satisfaction with my services, often noting my ability to create a comfortable and engaging session environment while delivering photographs that exceed their expectations.
  • Based in Richardson, I have developed a keen understanding of the local environment, enabling me to recommend the best locations and setups for my clients’ photoshoots, ensuring the final images are beautiful and meaningful.

My expertise and experience make me a preferred choice for photography services in Richardson, giving my clients confidence in my ability to deliver exceptional results tailored to their needs and preferences.

Richardson Local Favorites

In Richardson, my photography often incorporates the city's local favorites, which provide stunning backdrops for various photo sessions and highlight the community’s unique character. These beloved spots in Richardson are integral to my work, allowing me to showcase the city’s charm and the lifestyle of its residents.

  • Cottonwood Park: Known for its beautiful duck pond, vibrant spring festivals, and scenic walking paths, it is a favorite among Richardson families and nature lovers. It provides a picturesque setting for family portraits, engagement photos, and peaceful nature shots.
  • CityLine: This modern mixed-use development is famous for its urban vibe, featuring trendy restaurants, shops, and outdoor spaces. It’s perfect for contemporary urban photography, offering dynamic backgrounds for professional headshots and lifestyle sessions.
  • Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts: As a cultural hub in Richardson, the Eisemann Center hosts various performances and a sophisticated backdrop for artistic photography. Its modern architecture and elegant interiors are ideal for capturing formal event photography and creative portraits.

These local favorites in Richardson help me connect with the community and create images that resonate with the subject’s personal stories. Whether capturing the tranquility of Cottonwood Park, the urban sophistication of CityLine, or the artistic ambiance of the Eisemann Center, each location helps tell a richer story through photography.

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