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Professional Photographer in Mansfield, Texas

Mansfield Local Photographer

In Mansfield, my local photography captures the city's vibrant essence and picturesque beauty, showcasing its unique character and community spirit. My experience in Mansfield has allowed me to explore and photograph its diverse settings, from the charming historic downtown to the sprawling parks and residential areas. With the recent growth in the area, photography is becoming a more significant need for the community.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I aim to produce images that reflect the true spirit of Mansfield. Whether it's capturing the buzz of local events, the tranquility of natural landscapes, or the everyday life of its residents, my photography provides a window into the life of this dynamic city.

I am renowned in Mansfield for my ability to deliver high-quality and meaningful photography. I have built a reputation for creating images that resonate with the local community. My work not only highlights the beauty and diversity of Mansfield but also contributes to preserving the city’s memories and moments through the art of photography.

I am a professional photographer offering wedding, portrait, and headshot photography services in Mansfield, Texas.

Mansfield Wedding Photographer

I offer wedding photography services in Mansfield starting at $2,999. I capture the romance and beauty of each couple's special day against the backdrop of this picturesque city. Mansfield's diverse venues provide a perfect canvas for wedding stories, from elegant banquet halls to rustic outdoor settings.

My approach to wedding photography in Mansfield is to combine the city's natural charm with each couple's unique narrative. I have experience with many of Mansfield’s famous venues, like the Walnut Creek Country Club and the Aristide Event Center, where I utilize the elegant interiors and lush exteriors to enhance the romantic ambiance of the wedding day.

Understanding the importance of each moment, I strive to capture the essence of the celebration, from the intimate exchanges to the grand festivities, ensuring every significant detail is preserved. I aim to provide couples in Mansfield with a wedding album that documents their day and tells a story of love, joy, and the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

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Mansfield Portrait Photographer

My portrait photography services in Mansfield, starting at $299, are designed to capture the essence and individuality of each client. Specializing in family, pet, and maternity photography, I create images that reflect the authentic moments and personal stories of those I photograph.

Family Photography

Family sessions in Mansfield are about more than just taking pictures; they capture each family's shared bonds and unique dynamics. Whether it's a playful afternoon at one of Mansfield’s lush parks or a cozy gathering at home, I strive to create genuine and heartfelt images, preserving the family's legacy in every frame.

Pet Photography

My pet photography in Mansfield focuses on capturing the character and personality of each animal companion. From energetic play sessions in the backyard to quiet moments at home, I aim to showcase the special bond between pets and their owners, creating lasting memories through vibrant and expressive portraits.

Maternity Photography

Maternity sessions in Mansfield are designed to celebrate the beauty and anticipation of motherhood. I choose serene and picturesque settings to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere for expectant mothers, capturing the tender moments of pregnancy with elegance and sensitivity.

My approach to portrait photography in Mansfield is to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience, resulting in photographs that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally rich, capturing the true essence of each subject.

Mansfield Senior Photographer

My senior photography services in Mansfield, starting at $299, celebrate the individuality and achievements of each high school senior. With Mansfield's diverse and picturesque landscapes as a backdrop, I create personalized and memorable portrait sessions that reflect each student's unique journey.

Collaborating with seniors from Mansfield High School and other local institutions, I tailor each session to highlight the student’s interests, personality, and future aspirations. Whether it’s capturing their sports achievements, artistic talents, or academic success, the focus is on creating authentic and meaningful image.

I utilize the natural beauty and urban settings of Mansfield to provide a variety of scenes for these critical portraits. From the serene settings of Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park to the vibrant streets of downtown Mansfield, each location offers a unique backdrop that enhances the senior portraits, making them truly stand out.

Through my senior photography in Mansfield, I aim to provide not just a service but an experience that marks this significant milestone in a young adult's life with style, dignity, and a touch of fun, ensuring they have keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

My husband and I booked Michael Anthony Photography for our engagement photos and wedding. We REALLY enjoyed working with our photographer and the company. We selected them because they have a very cinematographic style and look to their photography. They do excellent posing and are extremely quick with their use of lighting. You can tell they know what they are doing and can get it done fast.

-Kaitlyn Geiman

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Mansfield Headshot Photographer

In Mansfield, my headshot photography services, starting at $349, cater to professionals, actors, and individuals seeking to create a solid personal brand. I aim to produce headshots that convey professionalism and competence and capture each individual's unique personality and essence.

Corporate Headshots

For professionals in Mansfield, I offer corporate headshots crafted to enhance their business persona. Whether for LinkedIn, company websites, or business portfolios, these headshots are designed to project confidence and professionalism, aligning with the individual's corporate image and the company's brand.

Acting and Modeling Headshots

My headshots for actors and models in Mansfield are tailored to showcase their versatility and distinctiveness, essential for impacting the entertainment industry. I focus on capturing the unique features and expressions that highlight their potential for various roles and projects.

Personal Branding Headshots

Understanding the importance of a solid online presence, I specialize in personal branding headshots. These are ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals aiming to stand out on social media platforms or professional networks. The goal is to create natural and engaging portraits that reflect the individual’s style and brand.

My headshot photography in Mansfield is about providing clients with a valuable tool to advance their professional and personal goals. Through a collaborative approach, I ensure each session is tailored to meet the client's specific needs, resulting in headshots that are not only visually appealing but also strategically effective.

Expertise & Experience

At Mansfield, my expertise and experience in photography are demonstrated through a comprehensive portfolio that spans various genres and styles and is tailored to each client's unique needs. With over 15 years of professional photography experience, I bring a depth of knowledge and a personal touch to every project.


My skills and style have been honed through extensive training and practice, earning me recognition, such as the Master of Photography title from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

I excel in capturing the essence of moments, whether it’s the tender emotions of a wedding, the nuanced expressions in a portrait, or the dynamic energy of a senior photo session.

Staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements allows me to offer clients innovative and contemporary photography solutions.


My experience in Mansfield encompasses a wide range of photography projects, from intimate family portraits to grand wedding celebrations, each with a commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Speaking at over 30 national and international photography conferences has solidified my reputation as an expert in the field and deepened my understanding of photography as an art and a communication tool.

The trust and satisfaction of my clients in Mansfield are reflected in numerous positive reviews and testimonials, highlighting my ability to deliver exceptional photography services that meet and exceed expectations.

This blend of expertise and experience in Mansfield is the foundation of my photography business. I ensure I provide each client with photographs and lasting memories crafted professionally and carefully.

Mansfield Local Favorites

I'm always eager to incorporate Mansfield's unique charm into my photography, and these local favorites offer a fantastic way to give your images a real sense of place:

  • Historic Downtown Mansfield: The revitalized downtown area boasts charming brick streets, quaint shops, and a welcoming atmosphere. It's a fantastic spot to capture a slice of Mansfield's personality.
  • Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park: With its diverse landscapes, including trails, ponds, and open fields, this nature park offers a serene backdrop for family portraits, maternity sessions, or senior photos.
  • Hawaiian Falls Mansfield: This famous water park adds fun and vibrancy to your photos. It's an excellent option for families and those seeking a more playful setting.
  • Big League Dreams Sports Park: Capture the energy and spirit of competition at this sports complex. It's ideal for sports-themed senior photos, team portraits, or showcasing athletic achievements.
  • Farr Best Theater: This historic theater provides a classic touch to your portraits. It's a unique spot for creative sessions or highlighting arts and culture.

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