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Planning an Indian Wedding in Dallas, Texas

San Francisco City Hall Indian Wedding

If you are looking for a Dallas Indian Wedding Photographer, we would love to be considered! Look at our portfolio here, and if you like what you see, contact us today! You can find our pricing for Indian Weddings by clicking here. An Indian wedding is the ultimate celebration. One that usually lasts for a few days! With many unique traditions during the wedding, it is essential to have a photographer who knows how to capture things just the perfect way. Although Indian weddings vary by region, many things happen during the event, and it is only natural that the couple wishes to remember all of the special moments of their lives. That is one of the reasons why it is essential to have an Indian wedding photographer who truly understands all the customs. Also, I want to follow the overall flow of an Indian wedding. Let's discuss the essential features of an Indian wedding and the deeply rooted traditions that every married couple wants to remember for the rest of their lives.

Traditions of an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Indian Wedding Portrait on a Los Angeles Cliffside

It is the unique rituals that make an Indian wedding so very special. Often celebrated are cultural traditions and customs that reflect the Indian heritage. From choosing the wedding date to hiding the groom's shoes, all cultures have a unique meaning! Much of the tradition happens at specific times during the wedding.

The Dress

Traditionally, Indian brides wear red dresses. Even the guests who attend the wedding are encouraged to dress in clothes that are bold in color. The brighter they are, the better! So, what does this mean for the photographer? Ensure the lighting is correct for the environment so that the intense colors look stunning in the photographs.

Lake Louise Destination Wedding

The Mehendi Ceremony

Henna is applied to the bride's hands and feet in beautiful, intricate patterns during this widely practiced tradition. Mehendi is an enjoyable thing to photograph because of the strong patterns and intricate details the bride will want to capture in photographs.

Indian Wedding Photography Henna

The Baraat

This Indian wedding custom refers to the groom's arrival at the ceremony. It is a sight that the newly married couple and their family and friends will want to be photographed! All guests will dance with the groom while an Indian drum beats in the background. The bride then warmly greets the groom, and the couple exchanges floral garlands. They can then wear them around their necks, symbolizing their love and acceptance of each other. The Baraat is a particularly fantastic moment for the groom especially.

Indian Wedding at Pacific Palms Resort

Ganesha Puja

On the first day of celebrations, the priest performs the Ganesha Puja, with only the couple, the bridal party, family, and very close friends in attendance. When the groom arrives at the ceremony, he will take a bow in front of everyone to thank them for being there. We will want to photograph a sentimental and intimate moment for you.

Burning of the fire

Under the mandap, a minor fire burns. Indian marriages are considered essential sacraments, and the burning fire is the significance of this. As the fire burns, the bride puts fistfuls of puffed rice into it, known as the homam.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

The Ceremony

The ceremony is the moment that everyone has been waiting for, and your Indian Wedding photographer must be ready for every moment! At this point, the couple, the priest, and the bride's parents sit under a canopy called a mandap, and the bride is given away by her parents. As the bride is given away, her father pours water through her hand. Joining hands and typing their garments together, the couple then circles an enclosed fire, an important ritual known as the Mangal Phera. Another routine takes place, in which the officiant places cords around the wrists of the bride and groom that symbolize protection. During the ceremony, many photo opportunities must be captured!

The Saptapadi

In the most important and emotional part of an Indian wedding ceremony, the couple takes seven steps called the Saptapadi. What does this symbolize? It indicates the commitment and support they provide each other as a couple. Red powder is applied to the bride's forehead, and a necklace of beads is placed on her neck. The couple is now officially husband and wife!

Indian Wedding at Los Verdes Golf Club

The Reception

Now that the couple is married, it is time for the reception. Here are many more opportunities for the Indian wedding photographer to capture great moments! There will be plenty of music and dancing. Since the bride and groom obviously can't be everywhere at once, the photographer must be able to document both the guests and the couple. There will surely be a cocktail hour so the two families can talk and get to know each other better. During the reception, the bride and groom will make their grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Throughout the next few hours, plenty of essential and significant traditions take place. There are dance performances and speeches from the family and wedding party members. Lastly, guests enjoy the exclusive first dance for the bride and groom. Afterward, there will be time for the guests to dance. Finally, there will be a cake cutting at the end of the reception. One crucial aspect any Indian wedding photographer should know is that there are so many significant moments at the wedding. One of the biggest requests we get from our couples is to have a fantastic wedding album that depicts every story of the day. An Indian wedding is a tremendous event! Everyone in attendance has much fun, and every ritual and tradition has a special meaning. We understand that these moments are meant to last forever. If you need a Dallas-Indian wedding photographer, contact us today!

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