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Creating Your Registry

5 Tips to Creating Your Perfect Registry

1. Register Early

Registering early, and at multiple stores, ensures your guests that are on top of it have somewhere to start shopping right away, and can plan for your engagement party and bridal shower as well. It’s important to find the sweet spot between registering toomany places and not enough to give your guests lots of options. The last thing you want is for your last-minute gift-getters to be left with few options that range from way out of their price range to bottom of the pile.

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2. Choose Items Together

Sit down and create your registry with your fiance, or better yet find a store and register in person together! Talk about your future, whether that may include moving into a new home, staying put and doing some upgrades, hosting dinner parties, or cozying up by a campfire. It’s important that the items you register for fit your lifestyle, and will serve you well into the future. The last thing you want is a china set that you’ll never touch if hosting isn’t really your thing, or traditional registry items that your mom convinced you to include even though you could never see yourself needing that silver serving spoon.

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3. Register at Different Price Points

It’s okay to register for that pricey sheet set while also registering for small essentials. It’s important that everyone feels there’s somewhere they can contribute even if it’s small, and sometimes groups of friends may want to go in together for one of those bigger items! Don’t limit your registry to one price point or store, giving your guests options makes it easier for them in the long run!

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4. Remember to Keep Adding to Your Registry

Don’t cause your friends and family to panic when they’re shopping for a last minute gift the week of your wedding. As people check off items on your registry, remember to keep adding more. Giving your guests many items to choose from is more fun for them, and gives you an element of surprise! Plus, most stores have a completion plan that will allow you to purchase the rest of your registry at a discount after the wedding.

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5. If It’s Not for You, You can Say So!

People want to get you gifts so don’t feel weird about it. But if you do, it’s okay to remind your guests that there is no need for gifts, and setting up something creative like a honeymoon fund for those that do want to do something special is a great way to break the mold. Remember that grandparents and older relatives will likely want to keep it traditional, so don’t be surprised (or offended) if they still choose to bring you a traditional gift. It’s because they love you!

Remember that your registry is a way for your friends and family to celebrate you and support your new life together! Once you receive your gifts, be sure to thank your guests promptly with a thank you card as your begin to enjoy your thoughtful gifts!

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