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Sand Canyon Ranch Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

Queen + Sidney
Date | 6.27.15
Ceremony | Robinson Ranch, Santa Clarita 
Reception | Robinson Ranch, Santa Clarita
Cake | Jill’s Cake Creations
Make Up and Hair | Veil of Grace 
LA Wedding Photography | Michael Anthony & Eric Killingsworth

I love photographing at Robinson Ranch.  The sky was absolutely amazing for this Santa Clarita Wedding I love photographing at Robinson Ranch.  The sky was absolutely amazing for this Santa Clarita Wedding

How did the two of you meet?

He was working as a Police Explorer at a charity carnival called Star Scene in 1990. I was working the Pepsi concession stand and him and his partner came up to me after several passes, after talking a bit we exchanged phone numbers. It was the North Hollywood park on Magnolia and Tujunga. He said it was love at first sight and he knew he wanted to marry me. We dated for three years and as our love grew, so did my fear of settling down at such a young age. In early 1993 we separated.  

The second time we met again, my friend found him again online. We started off by email, then instant messaging, then phone conversations, then finally in person on 6/29/09 at Frida’s restaurant at the American at Brand. He said the moment he saw me again, it was just as the first time, all over again. That night, on the way, it rained, there was thunder and lightening, in June. We always felt that meant something. 😉

How did he propose?

One year later we were officially dating again. He started planning his proposal in December of 2012. Sid decided he would propose at the annual Christmas party for his LAPD Foothill Division.  His idea was to have the entertainment of the evening give out the first “raffle” prize, that would actually be the ring.  Out of the blue, one week before the party, the fellow Police Officer got a phone call that Jay Leno of the Tonight Show had chosen their station and he would be doing the entertainment for the evening. The fellow Police Officer contacted Sid immediately, told him about Jay Leno performing and asked him if she should ask Jay Leno if he would be willing to give out the first “raffle” gift of the night. He said yes of course. She made the phone call to Jay Leno’s people and asked them to talk to him. Jay said of course and so it was.

We had finished dinner and anxiously awaited the entertainment to begin. Jay took to the stage and performed for nearly 45 minutes! When he was done he was cued by the event planner and said, I understand we are doing a raffle tonight. They proceeded to hand him a raffle tub filled with names, actually later we found out all of the names said QUEEN GALAMB. He reached in, pulled out a name and said “Queen Galamb, do we have a Queen Galamb here?” I froze, I was in shock! Not only was I the first raffle winner of the night but Jay Leno would be handing it to me! I got up and walked to Jay Leno, he made a few jokes then he handed me the small red gift. I was pretty nervous to say the least, on stage with Jay Leno in front of 300 Police Officers! I fumbled to open the gift, jittery with nerves to the point that Jay Leno offered to assist and I gladly accepted. Off came the wrapping paper, and I saw a small white box. Still with no clue, I opened the box and found a small mahogany jewelry box inside. Again, with no clue, I thought it might be a necklace inside. I opened the box and found a ring, I gasped and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him walking to me as Jay Leno asked me turn it around and show the audience what it was. The audience then gasped. It finally hit me what was happening. I was shocked, crying, shacking, all as he kneeled down in front of me. Jay Leno made a few jokes and then let him began his speech. “When we first met 23 years ago…..” and so it was, 23 years later…..she said YES! We have a full video and pictures of the proposal readily available to go along with our story should it be chosen.

We have heard some amazing proposal stories, and this is right up with the best of them!


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  1. WoW, georgous all of it. Great shots – actually stunning.
    The Bride – georgeousl, Groom handsome.
    Great shots of the groomsmen – loved that.
    Laughed @ the hand cuffs – oh & Sid’s shoes ( the bottom)
    alot of thought & planning the shots – & all great.

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