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Nat + Jared
Date | 6.28.15
Ceremony | Westlake Village Inn
Reception | Westlake Village Inn
Florist | Charmaine’s Florist
DJ | Joyful Noise Entertainment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dress | Ann Barge: Blue Willow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Shoes | Badgley Mischka
Planner | Dana Jordan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cake | Jill’s Cake Creations

Westlake Village Wedding Photography | Michael Anthony + Jennifer Marilyn

The Westlake Village Inn is one of our most favorite venues.  We have photographed there many times and it never gets old.  The WVI’s very own planner, Dana Jordan, is always so helpful and organized when putting together our timelines.  This is one of Westlake Village’s most perfect wedding venues. 

Westlake Village Inn Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers Jared and I grew up playing sports together throughout school, we didn’t know that he was Nat’s soon to be husband however when Nat came strolling into our studio.  What a small world and I am glad we had the opportunity to meet her and reconnect.

How did he propose?  Let us hear the full story.

He took me on a trip to Carmel the same weekend we met, 3 years later. We went to get lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I normally don’t order soda, but decided to that day. The waitress brought back a Coke can and I didn’t notice this, but Jared told me to turn the can and it read “Soulmate”. I didn’t think anything of it and the Coke can wasn’t planned, so I think someone up there is giving us a sign. After lunch we walked back to the hotel room. I turned on the TV and was watching Indiana Jones. Jared asked me, “Can I show you what I have for you?” I said, “During the commercial…” While I was watching the show, he went to light the fireplace to set the mood. Then during the commercial he came to lay down on the sofa with me and said a bunch of nice things and asked me to marry him. I was in shock, so before saying “yes” I said “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Then I said, “Yes!”

Aside from his proposal, what is your favorite memory together?

My favorite memory with Jared was our trip to Florida. It was our first away trip together as a couple. I really enjoyed my time with him. My favorite part was waking up next to him with the ocean sound right outside. It was very calm and relaxing.

What would you say your style is as a couple?

A. We are pretty “go with the flow”. We like to stay in to watch TV and spend time with each other.  We just like to hang out with each other no matter what. As long as we are together it doesn’t matter where we are.

What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

A. We always have the same thoughts. I can be thinking of something and he will say it out loud and vice-versa. I don’t know many couples that can read each other’s thoughts.

This wedding featured a first for me, a toast that was rapped by the best man and the groomsmen.  The song was catchy and has been in my head all day.  I think these gentlemen may have a future in the music business.  Thanks Jared and Nat for allowing us to be a part of your amazing day!  Be sure to check out their hybrid video below!  This is the first time we are showing it!



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Westlake Village Inn Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers


Westlake Village Inn Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers