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New Orleans Destination Engagement Session | Sal and Alissa

Ok, let me be the first to say that I don’t usually get nervous prior to shooting sessions.  The exception is when we photograph Sal and Alissa.  Now, every photographer reading this knows these two need no introduction, so feel free to just skip the rest of this blog and see the photos like you all usually do anyway.  However, to our clients and potential brides, these two are kind of a big deal.  Sal and Alissa own Behind the Shutter, Shutter Magazine, Shutterfest, and lots of other shutter things.  They have been photography educators for over 10 years, and are very close friends of Jen and I.  Sal gave me my first writing and speaking opportunities in the industry and took a chance with us when we had no following of photographers.

Sal was ranked the #1 Photographer in the World by One Eyeland in 2018 and has multiple high ranking finishes in various image competitions throughout the world.  He is the newest Canon Explorer of Light, a title that is prestigious and extremely selective.  Suffice to say that they could have chosen any studio in the world to photograph their wedding, so when they asked Jen and me to capture it this coming September in France we were floored.  Now, this wasn’t our first session with them, so at the end of this post, I am going to show a few more images from sessions we did with them in New York City, Venice, and Milan.

Salissa as we call them have helped many, many photographers throughout our industry build successful businesses as we transitioned from film to digital and nearly imploded on itself in the early 2010s.  They have built many successful businesses both in the world of photography and throughout, including ours.  We have traveled the world with them to France, Italy, Iceland, Portugal, Alaska, and many other states and are sure to continue our portfolio trips next year after we capture their epic wedding in France with the incredibly talented cinematographer Ray Roman this coming September.

All New Orleans Images edited by Evolve Edits

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