New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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MAPhoto Team

MAPhoto Team

Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding | Simi Valley Wedding Photographers

It hardly gets more “Los Angeles” than a wedding between two UCLA grads amidst sun-bathed vistas surrounded by palm trees, high-rising valley walls and the warm-golden setting sun! You can almost smell the guacamole and bad traffic! Stephanie and Lauro have infamously dedicated LA-urbanites and their recent marriage at Hummingbird Nest Ranch only makes the rumors harder to shake off; that is, of course, if Steph and Lauro had any plans to do so. It was an event that we couldn’t have been more thrilled to attend.

The Hummingbird Nest Ranch Venue

The couple looked and felt right at home among the rocky canyons and Spanish architecture surrounding Hummingbird Nest Ranch. The outdoor space was as stunning as it was freeing. Against the expansive and richly golden vistas of the venue, the wedding was a deeply unique experience. The daytime glow of the West Coast sun against the wedding’s off-tones and golds were juxtaposed beautifully against the bright orange lights sparkling under the soft blanket of night. It’s been said a thousand different ways, but it truly was a night to remember.

Stephanie and Lauro

The lucky couple met and grew together at UCLA, sharing many hours and many even more off-hours in each other’s company. Their bond grew in the company of many of Los Angeles’s most recognizable sights, including the famous UCLA Anderson Building, where the two worked on their MBAs together, and the Peterson Automotive Museum, the site of their Graduation Gala. After the Gala, Lauro took Stephanie down the streets to see the Urban Lights exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA), where amid the jaw-dropping setting and the serene quietness of 2 AM in the big city, Lauro dropped to one knee and asked Stephanie a very simple question. Stephanie responded with an even simpler answer.

The Main Event!

The stage was set for a perfect wedding, accompanied perfectly the setting, bolstered by the phenomenal florists at Blossom Floral and by the direction of Matt Gudis from Who’s That DJ, who provided a magnificent soundtrack. The gown, provided by Galia Lahav, was stunning. The photos were especially well-realized thanks to expert hairstyle Ngoc Luu from Lady Luu Locks and professional makeup artist Patricia Castro. Thanks to the venue, set up flawlessly by the event’s planner Wish Wonder Dream and a wonderfully catered array of rich and delicious food by Command Performance Catering, the wedding went off like a perfectly rehearsed musical! Needless to say, there was a standing ovation.

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Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding Photo at the Villa

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