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It’s late here at the studio, but I absolutely have to get this Italian Destination Wedding posted for you guys.  I have to admit, I am getting very nostalgic writing this and looking at these photographs.  I would be lying if I told you that I hadn’t been looking forward to the day Kristine and Joey said: “I do.”  But the best way for me to describe this experience is to take you back to the beginning of it.  

Kristine inquired with our studio about photographing her and Joey’s reception here just outside of Los Angeles.  When I had the opportunity to meet her at our old studio, she and Joey walked in and we instantly connected.  Our personalities were a total match, our photographic visions were a complete match, and I thought instantly that we were a great fit for each other.  I asked Kristine who would be photographing their wedding day, which was to take place in the gorgeous Lake Como, Italy and she expressed interest in bringing us along if we were up to it.  Well, up to it didn’t really cover it, and I was the first to admit to them that I wasn’t going to try and hide my enthusiasm.  I knew that MAPhoto had to be there to document this amazing journey for them.  After working with them to find the perfect wedding collection, we finalized our plans to travel to this amazing place.  

You guys saw the post we made for Joey and Kristine’s portrait shoot on day one of our time together in Italy.  A destination wedding is hard enough to plan, but Kristine and Joey were able to cover every single base, or so we thought.  After 9 days in Italy with perfect 85-degree weather, we learned that there would be a rainstorm coming in on May 15th, their wedding day.  J + K’s AMAZING planner, Francesca of The Italian Wedding Event was able to make the necessary arrangements to deal with the incoming rain, despite the short amount of time she had to do so.  I will admit, as an optimist, I was convinced that the weatherman had it wrong, but after waking up at 5 am to the sound of a rocking thunderstorm, I knew it was time to pivot and prepare for the rain. 

After meeting J + K at breakfast time, we realized they were in amazingly good spirits. This didn’t surprise me because these two were totally ready to get married, and a little rain wasn’t going to ruin anybody’s day.  We made our way to their room to photograph their pre-wedding photographs, which came out absolutely beautiful.  After scouring to find a location for a first look, and the subsequent moving of 100 pieces of furniture after finding the perfect spot, these two got to see each other for the first time in their wedding attire.  The moment was PERFECT just as Jen and I expected it to be.  Kristine bundled up her beautiful dress in her rain gear (read shower cap and trash bag poncho) and we headed out to the venue.  After a boat ride through the perfect storm, and a hike up what seemed like Mount Olympus in that storm, Kristine still looked as perfect as ever (another testament to the amazing planner Francesca, who can be seen helping Kristine stay dry in the photos before.  That is motion blur people, they were running fast 🙂 ).

After moving the ceremony indoors at Villa Del Balbianello in Lenno, we got to finally witness these two say their vows.  Look at their faces in the photos and you can see how much love they are filled with.  We then did a quick Star Wars reenactment (Episode II was filmed at Villa Del Balbianello) and a few quick portraits before having to head to the boat due to the storm (lightning and metal light stands don’t mix well).  We then headed to Lido di Lenno for their reception.  Francesca arranged the details picture perfect for this wine themed wedding reception, even though the reception had to be moved indoors.  (I swear Jen and I wanted to fly her to LA so we can work with her again).  The reception dinner looked straight out of a movie, so romantic and beautiful.  

We finished off the night with a cigar bar and a sparkler exit, and this could not have been any more beautiful.  This wedding day was a prime example of how imperfect circumstances can become a perfect end result.  Kristine and Joey celebrated their wedding with their awesome family, who we had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with, and after the long wait, this day came and went, and now we have amazing photographs to tell the story of this beautiful day for the rest of their lives. 

Don’t worry too much about the rain, we headed back for some beautiful photographs in the nice sunny day Saturday morning, stay tuned for part III next week.  

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