New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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Italian Destination Engagement Session | Lake Como Wedding Photographer

I know many of you who follow our work have been waiting for us to post this Italian Destination Wedding.  Truthfully, we have too.  Being that we photographed with Kristine and Joey over the course of 3 days, we decided it’s best to break this up into 3 separate blog posts to be released over the next few weeks.  Kristine and Joey’s hotel, Villa Cipressi, allowed us the opportunity to photograph these two on their property.  Afterwards, we went on a little walk through this amazing Italian town while photographing our awesome clients.  We knew the rain was coming (more on that on the next blog post) so we wanted to head over to their wedding venue to get some photos in case we wouldn’t have the opportunity on their wedding day.  

This was our first day in Lake Como.  I cannot tell you how beautiful this place was.  Pictures alone cannot capture the magnificence of it, however they most certainly spur the memory of it.  When we first met with Kristine and Joey and they showed us photos of this amazing place, we weren’t ready for how gorgeous it actually was.  I would tell any American couples considering a destination wedding in Italy that this is definitely a place that should be considered.  If you don’t believe me, just check out the photos :-)……..

This is the first of a 3 part series on our Italian Destination Wedding with Kristine and Joey.  We will get the next two posts up in the next couple of weeks.  Until then…..Ciao Bella.

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