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Wedding Photography Locations in Cancun

I will be the first to tell you that some of our best shoots happen as a result of things not going according to plan. The day after a couple's wedding, we were supposed to wake up extra early to go photograph them at the Mayan ruins outside of Cancun. A couple had had a lot of fun the night prior, so we can up at 6 a.m. what's something that day we're not able to do. Who could blame them really? Right?..Unfortunately, the couple was late to catch a bus to the Mayan temples, and when we arrived, we were informed that our permit had expired. After gen spoke with local security, we found some recommendations about a local Cenote about 30 miles away. A Cenote, or sinkhole, is typically found outside the metro area is a Cancun. When we arrive to this particular location it looked like any other low budget attraction. There was a makeshift ticket counter with nobody in line, as well as groundskeepers that look like they did not have much to do... However, that is where any sign of mundane ended. We walked downward into the cave, and when we emerged into the cavern, are eyes widened as we were taken aback by the beauty. In the middle of the crystal blue water, stood a platform with a pathway leading out to it that resembled a key if we were to look at it from directly overhead. In addition, the air inside the Cenote was very thick, which allowed us to create light streaks by placing a light behind a couple. We photographed in this location for approximately a half an hour and captured much more beautiful photos and we would have been able to if we were to complete our original plan because of the tourist that would have likely been littered in the background.

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