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Vibiana Wedding Photographs

Bibiana is a unique wedding venue in the sense that it used to be the central location of the Catholic religion in Los Angeles. Being the location of the Archdiocese, it was a very sacred site for people who were in the city. Fast forward about 200 years, and now Viviana is an event space that was designed for only the most exclusive weddings, events, and Hollywood get-togethers. The venue features beautifully crafted pillars and gorgeous uplighting that comes standard with the rental of it... This Image was unique because the couple was practicing their first dance as I was sitting up lighting for the reception. I noticed him in the corner doing this exact move you see above and I asked him if they could come to the center of the dance floor and do it for me before all of the people had flooded into the room. As they dance and they practiced and Peter picks Sarah up and spun her around we were able to capture the perfect image of them in the middle of their dance move... This wasn't the only good photo we got of these two. We have amazing pictures from their incredible wedding on display in our studio in our Renaissance Collection Wedding Book. 1/80; f/4.0; ISO 250; 23.0 mm.

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