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Serendipity Gardens Wedding Photography

Serendipity Gardens is a fairly new wedding venue located in Yorba Linda California. we had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful bride as her and her husband got married overlooking the San Gabriel mountains. Ariana's dog joined us as one of the Bridesmaids and was given a special color made of flowers by Ariana's talented florist... Serendipity Gardens is a unique wedding venue in that it showcases a lovely pond. in addition, after the ceremony, the bride and groom are able to leave in a horse and buggy carriage. ..Serendipity Gardens includes a beautiful Bridal Suite that Brides can access 2 hours prior to their ceremony. Brides also are able to receive a one-hour rehearsal with the bridal assistant prior to their wedding day. In addition, the bridal assistant in the venue manager are present throughout the wedding day to help solve any of the bride's neat. The furthermore and what makes this venue a great value, is that a DJ is actually included along with the horse and buggy carriage... Serendipity Gardens is a beautiful venue with Incredible value to any Brides who are looking for a gorgeous wedding venue in Los Angeles. We Recommended highly for any bride that is looking for a whimsical wedding venue.

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Location: 12865 Oak Glen Rd, Oak Glen, CA 92399.

1/125; f/3.5; ISO 250; 120.0 mm.

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