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It has been a long time since Studio Bridal portraits were the norm in wedding photography. We were commissioned by a light manufacturer to create images using their product. The bride, a real client, came to our studio that was set up on a Vanity Fair-inspired watercolor backdrop. ..My vision was to create Studio portraits that did not look cheesy in any way. I appreciate working in the studio because we are able to craft imagery using perfect lighting and bring our entire Vision to life. Is Beautiful Maggie Sottero gown, combined with a headpiece that we made from Michaels helps to craft this look into what finally became in modern studio portrait that we hope to offer to more of our clients in the future...Using a variety of backdrops and many different props how are we are able to make imagery that looks more fashion and Commercial than it does 1990s inspired portraits. So the next time. You hear your photographer recommend Studio portraits, take a look at their portfolio because they may have the ability to create a unique and beautiful seeing that will match the theme of your wedding perfectly. This image was created at our studio in Valencia California

Location: 26007 Huntington Lane, Unit 10, Valencia CA 91355.

1/125; f/2.8; ISO 160; 63.0 mm.

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