Rooftop Wedding Venues in LA
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Rooftop Wedding Venues in LA

Downtown Los Angeles is known for its beautiful At the same time La is known for its gorgeous sunsets. Both of these things make Los Angeles the perfect wedding location. And when capturing wedding photos in downtown Los Angeles, if you combine those two things I mentioned above, you can create a truly memorable photograph... I wanted to combine shapes into this image and one of my rules of composition is that if you can find ways to fit shapes together, you can create an image that is interesting to the eye. In this image we have a triangle a circle and a square all intersecting at the point where the bride's face is, leaving the viewer directly to the subject... It's images like this that don't come often, however when we find them they become part of our permanent portfolio.

Location: 1010 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

1/80; f/8.0; ISO 50; 11.0 mm.

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