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Paris Wedding photography

Paris is known as the city of love. It is for good reason. the morning of the shoot I knew I wanted a sunrise shoot for being that this wedding took place in December, I had to make sure that we were able to capture this image without many tourists in the background. ..So we arrived well Before Sunrise, and as we captured images towards began to trickle in. Thankfully we had plenty of frames without the tourists in the photo so we were able to easily remove them in Photoshop after the capture of the couple in the sunrise. The thing that makes Trocadero so unique is that the sun will rise right between the lines of the Eiffel Tower leading way to a warm, beautiful sunrise that you will never forget once you witness it...If you are considering getting married in Paris there are quite a few places to say your vows. From Gorgeous chapels, two Scenic overviews, two beautiful architecture, there are plenty of places that can really set the theme of a destination wedding. We are well-versed in photographing destination weddings, in Paris, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. And all of them have the same thing in common. Proper planning creates great results.

Location: Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris, France.

1/125; f/11.0; ISO 125; 23.0 mm.

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