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Natural Light Wedding Photographer

Over the last five years wedding, photography has gone through many trends. One of them that has stuck is the term "natural light" photographer. You see, the word photography translates to the study of light. Light can come from one of two sources. Natural light, or artificial light. In reality, both types of light are necessary to be able to create the most beautiful pictures for a client on their wedding day.. lighting is often unpredictable and can be difficult to work with in many circumstances. A skilled photographer is able to craft light using artificial sources, while still making it look natural. This image was taken with that same thought process in mind. By utilizing artificial light, and manipulating the color of it, we were able to emulate the end of days son as it was hitting our subject from a far distance...When you are interviewing your wedding photographer, make sure that you ask them to see a portfolio of images that were created in a darker situation that is poorly lit, like most wedding reception halls. The last thing that you want or beautiful wedding pictures all day, and poorly lit photographs at the end of the wedding when emotions are typically at their highest.

1/8000; f/1.4; ISO 50; 105.0 mm.

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