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Malibu Beach Wedding Photos

We visit the beach quite often, and in this particular image, we asked our bride to step onto a rock allowing us to get her above the horizon line. And the day of this wedding the sky was very blue but it lacked the elements necessary to create a balanced composition. Therefore we used a sky that we had photographed a few months prior while traveling abroad in the background in order to give this image a little bit more balance in its composition and lighting...

Our assistant is standing behind the rock-throwing the veil in the air in order to help us get the great motion needed to help tell the story of this bride. By crafting a good story, and utilizing motion, light, and composition, we will be able to create beautiful photos for any bride at any place at any time... In order to get to El Matador Beach, you have to drive down Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway about three miles north of Kanan Dume Road.

1/200; f/18.0; ISO 50; 15.0 mm.

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