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Los Angeles Forest Wedding Venues.

Often some of the best photographs that we can take come boss stopping right on the side of the road during a drive from point A to point B. This was one of those occasions, as we were found it perfect lines of trees on the journey between Paris and Nantes. Asking the bride to Center her face in between the rows of trees, and then creating some motion through movement in the veil helped to create an image that could go on display in a travel magazine... the bride posed perfectly as the wind swept her veil and her dress... One of the things that we have learned throughout the years is to work with the elements to create beautiful imagery. Rather than run from the wind, embrace it, and rather than hide from Bad light, turn it into a good view. This was one of the situations where we needed to add external lighting to create the image that you see here in front of you. Without it, the bride would have no light on her face, and the scene would be very flat altogether... If you are shopping for a Los Angeles wedding photographer, make sure that you asked to see portfolios from weddings that are a photograph in low, dimly lit areas. 1/8000; f/1.4; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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