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Iceland gets a reputation for being a land of fire and ice. We visited there in August, and we saw mostly water and beautiful Nordic weather. This image was taken at Skogafoss, a destination that is one of the most majestic that we had ever seen. ..I will say that before visiting this location, I was enamored with its beauty in the photos that I saw online. The gorgeous backdrop paved the way for a beautiful and unique setting that was perfect for a wedding...

The black sand beaches and the majestic waterfalls are more than straight out of a movie. They remind me of the brilliant minds of Tolkien and George R. R. Martin.

If you asked me today where would be the most beautiful and unique place to get married, I would tell you that Iceland would be on the top of my list. ..There were many highlights from this trip, and our clients got an experience that they will never forget.

From the unique lava fields to the crystal blue waters, Iceland is a place that you dream about without even realizing that the location in your dreams really does exist. We will return to this magical place, hopefully with another bride.

Location: Skogafoss, Iceland.

1/160; f/6.3; ISO 125; 70.0 mm.

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