Destination Wedding in Iceland at the Church
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Destination Wedding in Iceland at the Church

As a cinematic wedding photographer, I have always admired the beautiful The church in central Reykjavik was one of those locations that force you to stop and admire its beauty. While in Iceland we wanted to create an image at this beautiful location, but we were not prepared for how extravagant it was when seeing it in person. The chapel was built years ago and provided a beautiful backdrop for brides getting married in the Nordic country... For this image, we utilized external lighting, along with the motion from her dress to create this masterpiece. Placing her in the proper location the tiled lines on the floor lead RI directly into her and we leave space between her and the front of the chapel to balance the composition. By utilizing a sky that we shot later in the day, we can create the illusion of Sunset even though we photographed it closer to noon... Part of being a Los Angeles wedding photographer is knowing how to create artwork that will stand the test of time. We hope that we get the opportunity to return to the land of Fire and Ice in the future to create more beautiful images.

Location: Reyjavik, Iceland.

1/125; f/11.0; ISO 125; 23.0 mm.

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