Church Wedding Venues in Palos Verdes
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Church Wedding Venues in Palos Verdes

This wedding photo was taken at The Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes. Karina and Tino had rented a beautiful vintage Rolls-Royce that I had asked the driver to place directly in front of the building. Photographing this at Sunset, we utilized specialty lighting on our couple that was perfectly matched to the color of the light that was coming from the Sun... Knowing how important it was to this couple we made sure that we were able to see all of the detail in Karina's dress and her veil. By utilizing off camera light, we are able to balance the ambient light together to craft an image that is well composed, and brings the attention of our viewers to our subjects...The neighborhood church is a unique Los Angeles wedding venue that is commonly photographed in Southern California. 1/250; f/11.0; ISO 100; 18.0 mm.

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