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Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles City

Some images happen on purpose, and others become happy accidents. As the sun had said at the end of the day, we ask the bride if she wanted to step outside on to the helipad in order to capture unique image. Are utilizing the veil we were able to create a leading line directly up into her face, however we did not anticipate how good the wind would be in helping us to crack that meeting line sweeping from right to left and back to right into the right again. What I truly love about this image is how the bride is framed inside the circle and how we use a right angle to bring attention of the view or directly to her face... Behind the bride we added a light in order to mimic the end of days son, and in post-production we swapped out the sky which was cloudless in mundane with a sunset sky that I photographed while photographing a destination wedding in Hawaii... Combined with the flash that was jailed to match the color of the sun, we were able to craft a piece of art from scratch that helped define our portfolio.

Location: 1010 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

1/100; f/4.0; ISO 125; 11.0 mm.

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