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One time a year there is an image that happens that changes the course of your business. This image, which was titled "Reign," with one of those images that went further than we had ever thought possible in the photographic industry... But before I get into that, let me tell you the story about how this image came to be. We had been in Iceland for over a week, and every location we intended to shoot was about a 3-hour one-way drive from our Airbnb. We had scheduled this shoot with Melkorka as a last-minute portfolio shoot before leaving in Iceland. As the time drew near to go, the unpredictable weather in Iceland showed rain on and off along our entire route... We decided to take a chance and take the road trip and made it to the black sand beach in Iceland in approximately three and a half hours from the time we left. Upon approaching the black rocks, we observed arranger yelling at people to not stand on them. As we approach closer the ranger informed us that it was a liability, but permitted us to stand our bride Melkorka atop them... At the beginning of this shoot, the wind and the light were not playing to our vision. So we abandoned what we thought we were going to create and allowed the wind to help us to craft the perfect image... As soon as I pressed the shutter, I knew that this was one of the shots that would help Define my style, in my career in the photography industry... in 2019 this image was selected by the professional photographers of America to compete in the world photographic Olympics after earning admission to the loan collection in the international photographic competition hosted by professional photographers of America...In January, we found out that this image had earned the best of Nations award by 32 different countries In the world photographic organization...In April this image was awarded the gold medal, naming it the best wedding image in the world by a panel of 32 judges who did not know the creator...As taken aback as I was to receive such an honor, I was more excited that we were able to create this beautiful image of this stunning bride.

Location: Vik, Iceland.

1/100; f/18.0; ISO 100; 63.0 mm.

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