New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

Cinematic. Romantic. Timeless


Traditional tones, modern vibes….our bright and airy style is especially popular. Truth is, photos like this make up a large part of the wedding day, as we like shooting in natural light because it provides soft, beautiful highlights that compliment nearly every wedding. You don’t have to request images like this, it’s just part of how we cover a day.

Natural Light Wedding Photographers in LA

Natural Light is a popular style of wedding photography. Bright tones complement the themes of weddings and have been a favorite of brides for the last 2 decades. When we photograph weddings with natural light, we still make sure to use the light direction to be careful to keep the detail in our bride’s wedding gowns. While all photographers use natural light, those that identify as “natural light photographers” typically mean that they exclusively shoot in this aesthetic. 

We prefer to offer our clients some variety in their wedding photos, and being that not every wedding has beautiful natural light, it’s important to make sure that your wedding photographer is skilled in using flash as well. 

How to choose a natural light wedding photographer

We know that not all clients like the dramatic look for every image. It’s important to understand that we give our clients a variety of images and the light on the day will dictate the aesthetic of the images. Here are some images that demonstrate how we can use light in a brighter, crisp way to contrast with some of the more cinematic style we are known for. If you are interested in a more brighter aesthetic, choosing locations with amazing natural light is key. The more open shade we can get, or large windows, the softer and more beautiful the photos will be!