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Light Airy Wedding Photographer in Dallas

The one thing that I can appreciate about every wedding is that every bride that I have ever seen always looks stunning. Valdemara was no exception she is one of the most stunning Brides that we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. This wedding took place in Dallas and featured ornate patterns all along the wall... after noticing the perfect space to place the bride in the composition, I asked the makeup artist to move the bride's hairpiece to the opposite side of her head as the pattern on a hairpiece was very similar to the floral patterns on the wall...We crafted a pose that was peaceful, pure, and Serene and completed this look by turning this image into black and white with a high key finish. This image earned third place in the Shutterfest 2019 International Image Competition...We titled this image "Flora" because of the juxtaposition between the ornate flower pieces on the wall and on her hair combined with the serene statuesque pose. This was the second time that we had the opportunity to photograph this bride in Italy, and we look forward to connecting with her again the next time we are back in her beautiful country.

Location: Venice, Italy.

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