New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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Preparing for Your Maternity Photos

how to look and feel your best in your pictures

What to Wear

When choosing what to wear for your maternity photography session, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to choose clothing that is comfortable and flattering. Second, you want to choose colors and patterns that will photograph well.

We have a variety of beautiful maternity gowns available at the studio that you are welcome to use. These gowns are designed to accentuate your curves and make you look your best. If you prefer to bring your clothing, we recommend choosing dark colors with no patterns. This will help to create a classic and timeless look.

Here are a few specific clothing items that we recommend:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Tank tops
  • Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Skirts

Things to Bring

  • Your partner and/or children (if you want them in the photos, but it’s not necessary)
  • Nude or matching color undergarments if you plan on wearing one of our gowns
  • Pasties if you plan on wearing one of our gowns (they are sheer)

Whatever you wear, ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit. After all, this is your time to shine!

Sample Gowns Available

Hair & Makeup

We highly recommend professional hair and makeup for your session. We have one recommended hair and makeup options for your maternity photography session:

  • The Blow Out Lounge:
    Located in Santa Clarita
  • Contact: (661) 255-2569
  • Offers hair styling services such as blowouts, curls, and updos
  • It also offers makeup services
  • Known for their quick and efficient service



Answer to Common Questions

Can I do nude, topless, or implied nude photos?

Sure, it’s a common request for maternity photography, BUT our photographers will not recommend or suggest you pose nude by policy; if you want to do this, please let us know beforehand and bring the appropriate images on your vision board so we can get an idea of what you want beforehand. Please note we can edit out small underwear straps from a side profile image on any images used for wall art.

What if I don't want my images shared?

No problem at all! Just be sure to let us know, and we will tag them internally. In most cases, we only retain images purchased after your Zoom appointment, so if there are any specific images you don’t want shared, please be sure to tell us.

Where is the studio located?

Please refer to your e-mail and text confirmation for the appropriate address (we have one studio in California and one in Texas, so we want to make sure we send you the correct one)

How long will my maternity photography session last?

A typical maternity photography session lasts about one hour. But it may take less time, depending on outfits and looks on your vision board.

What should I expect during my maternity photography session?

During your maternity photography session, your photographer will guide you through various poses and shots. You will also have the opportunity to choose your poses and ideas.

What should I expect after my maternity photography session?

Immediately after your session, we will show you some artwork options. We highly suggest you come into the session with an idea of what you want to leave with that will help our photographers shoot for your session. We will then schedule an appointment over Zoom or in person for you to see the images a few days later.

What if I need to Reschedule?

Rescheduling, especially within 2 weeks of your shoot can place a burden on the studio because when you book your shoot, we arrange to have your photographer present for your session. As a business, this is expensive, so we really appreciate you keeping your appointments. Our sessions typically book up 2 months in advance so it’s hard to fill sessions at the last minute (especially maternity because people plan this months in advance)

That being said we do incentivize you to keep your original appointments, part of this promotion provides you with a $100 artwork credit for not rescheduling either your original appointment, or your zoom. 

If you do need to reschedule, no problem, we get that things happen, so we offer 1 complimentary transfer of your deposit to a new date. Transferred appointments will not be eligible for the non-reschedule credit. If you need to reschedule, please call or text the studio at 800-380-1217. Make sure to include your full name, e-mail, and appointment date so we can find you. 

Still have questions?

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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