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Our Albums

And other printed products

Albums help tell stories that shape generations....

Photo albums are a culmination of this particular time in your life. We believe there is a difference between an album and a picture book. An album is a series of images designed together to craft an emotional response from the viewer.

Our albums are a collaborative process between our clients and us.

Step 1: Shoot

During your shoot we are taking images in both portrait and landscape format, which gives us creative flexibility for design. For instance we may shoot all of your details vertically, and then photograph a final “hero shot” horizontally in order to cap that spread. This gives us the flexibility we need in the design to fill up the page correctly and focus on the most important detail. All of our photographers are trained on the process of storytelling while shooting.

Step 2: Design & Editing

During this process our album designers will lay out your story, including every moment from the wedding day that is relevant to the overall flow of the book. One day, you will be able to look back at this album, so we have our designers create spreads for every important element. The spreads are forwarded to Michael who will then rearrange the story, make suggestions, and submit final approval. 

We will then edit a few of the spreads we create to give you an idea of what the before/after will look like on the final product that you choose to keep.

Step 3: Album Reveal & Design Consultation

From here you will get an e-mail asking you to schedule your design consultation, and once you do you will get a link to your proof gallery. These images will allow you to be familiar with what is in your gallery, and allow you to mark your favorites. 

From here you will come into the studio or attend via Zoom, and we will reveal your album design to you. You will work with our studio manager to narrow down the spreads you want to keep, or to add more. 

Our clients will work with out studio manager to pick colors and materials in order to customize the album in the most personal way possible. With literally thousands of possibilities, It’s important to make sure that we guide you through this process to help find the best possible combination for you. 

Right after the design consultation, the edits are completed and within a week album is then ordered from Italy. During non-holiday months your album will usually arrive within 3 weeks!

Your final gallery is then made available for download!

Wall Art

Customized Products for Your home

Artwork to remind you of life's most important moments

The walls in your home are your personal space. These same walls will tell the story of your family for generations.

With custom wall art, we are able to help craft the perfect space in your home.

We look at the wall art process as a collaborative effort between our clients and us. This means that when necessary we will customize the tones of your images in order to match the furniture in your home. This level of service is standard.

All wall art also will go through an advanced retouching process to take your photo and turn it into art. This may include swapping the sky, doing advanced dodging and burning, or making specific toning adjustments where appropriate. Wall art is available in brilliant aluminum, thick canvas, high-gloss acrylic, and Kodak Endura Photographic paper in a variety of finishes.


Wall Collages

Using specialized software, we can show you exactly what a wall collage will look like down to the size ratios in your space. This technology can help you visualize the wall space you have wanted, and from your images we can help to create it.

Our designers understand that this is decor in your home, and as such we will shoot and layout designs that make sense to you. We recommend to all of our clients that they look through their home to decide where images will go prior to their design consultations. 

Custom Retouching

Let’s say you have warm tones in your home, we can customize the shadows and highlights of your images in order to best match the tones in your home.

This is part of our design process. We look at your wall collections as furniture for your home, so we want it to look as good as possible

Examples of Client Gallery Designs