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Saginaw, TX Photographer

Professional Photographer in Saginaw, Texas

Saginaw Local Photographer

I offer professional headshot, wedding, and portrait photography to the residents of Saginaw, Texas.

In Saginaw, my photography delves deep into the city's character, capturing the unique blend of small-town charm and the vibrant pace of its growing community. Through my lens, I document the rich textures of Saginaw's historic Main Street, the tranquil ambiance of Willow Creek Park, and the lively, everyday interactions at local markets and community events. My work aims to highlight the architectural beauty and cultural vitality of Saginaw, presenting a comprehensive visual story that resonates with residents and visitors alike. From seasonal festivals to quiet, candid street scenes, I bring the essence of Saginaw to life, ensuring each photograph reflects the warmth and welcoming spirit of the city.

Michael and his team were PHENOMENAL! They made our special day extremely memorable, especially with the ridiculously fast turnaround on photos. Michael has a very keen vision around the masterpieces he creates, and our wedding was certainly no exception to his extraordinary work. Michael was very friendly and pleasant to work with, and knew how to direct with great professionalism. During the ceremony and reception he and his team slipped in and out of the shadows and caught hundreds of beautiful unforgettable shots. We highly recommend Michael Anthony Photography to capture your special moments, whether it’s engagement photos or weddings, or more!

-Peter Hwang

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Saginaw Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Saginaw, I specialize in capturing the magic and romance of each couple's special day, whether they are planning a grand celebration or an intimate elopement. My wedding photography packages begin at $2999. My approach blends spontaneous moments with beautifully orchestrated shots to create a wedding album that resonates with authenticity and artistic flair. From the rustic charm of local chapels to the natural beauty of outdoor venues like Eagle Mountain Park, I ensure every detail of your day is immortalized in stunning photographs.

Saginaw offers an array of venues that cater to diverse styles and preferences. With its romantic outdoor setting, lush gardens, and serene lake, Willow Lake Gardens is perfect for traditional weddings and quiet elopements, providing breathtaking backdrops for photography. The Saginaw Community Center offers a versatile space for larger gatherings and is known for its excellent facilities and supportive staff, ensuring smooth celebrations.

In addition to traditional wedding coverage, I offer specialized services for elopements, focusing on the unique intimacy and personal storytelling that characterize smaller ceremonies. This includes capturing the nuanced interactions between the couple, the picturesque setting, and all the spontaneous joys of the day. My services encompass pre-wedding consultations, day-of coverage, and custom album creation, all tailored to meet the distinct needs of each couple. With a passion for capturing grand festivities and quiet, heartfelt moments, I strive to provide a seamless and enriching experience that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of every union.

Pasadena Bride with stunning train in front of mansion
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Saginaw Portrait Photographer

In Saginaw, I provide a comprehensive portrait photography service that captures individuals’ and families’ unique personalities and memorable moments, starting at $299. Whether in my fully equipped studio or at picturesque local spots like Willow Creek Park and the vibrant streets of downtown Saginaw, I create portraits that reflect each subject's individuality and the essence of their relationships.

Family Photographer

Family portraits are more than just pictures; they are cherished memories captured for a lifetime. I focus on creating warm, engaging family portraits that capture each family’s bonds and unique dynamics. Utilizing Saginaw’s beautiful natural landscapes and urban settings, I strive to depict the genuine emotions and connections that unite families, making every session personalized and meaningful.

Pet Photographer

Saginaw’s pet-friendly parks and neighborhoods provide the perfect backdrop for pet photography. I specialize in capturing your pets’ playful and loving nature, ensuring each photo session reflects their personality and special bond with your family. Whether it's a high-energy play session in the park or a quiet moment at home, I aim to capture the spirit of your beloved pets in every shot.

Maternity Photographer

Maternity photography in Saginaw is crafted to celebrate the journey of expecting mothers with elegance and grace. I choose serene settings such as the tranquil pathways of Saginaw parks or the comfort of your home to create a peaceful atmosphere for each session. These settings provide beautiful backdrops and allow expectant mothers to feel relaxed and radiant, capturing this particular time in exquisite and timeless portraits.

Each portrait session is tailored to meet my client’s desires and ideas, ensuring a personalized experience that perfectly captures the essence of the moments they wish to remember.

Saginaw Senior Photographer

I offer specialized senior photography services in Saginaw, starting at $299, designed to celebrate high school seniors’ unique milestones and personalities. I collaborate closely with each student to ensure their senior portraits reflect their style, interests, and achievements.

Sessions can be held at local high schools, such as Saginaw High School, capturing the essence of their school spirit, or at popular spots around town like Willow Creek Park, where the natural settings provide a beautiful, relaxed backdrop. These locations add a personal touch and comfort, allowing seniors to express themselves freely in environments that are significant to them.

I focus on capturing a mix of posed and candid shots, highlighting each senior's personality and the activities that define their high school experience—whether it's sporting gear for athletes, musical instruments for band members, or art supplies for creatives. This personalized approach ensures that each senior's photos represent their character and celebrate this pivotal moment.

Saginaw Headshot Photographer

In Saginaw, I provide professional headshot photography services starting at $349, tailored to meet the needs of individuals across various industries. Whether you're a corporate professional, an actor, or a model, my headshots are designed to enhance your professional image and convey your unique personality.

Muscician Headshot
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Corporate Headshot Photographer

I offer corporate headshots for professionals in Saginaw and the surrounding areas that capture the essence of professionalism and confidence. These images are perfect for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and business communications. I focus on creating a comfortable and professional environment during the session, allowing your best qualities to shine by ensuring each headshot conveys approachability and competence.

Acting/Model Headshot Photographer

Actors and models in Saginaw benefit from headshots emphasizing their artistic style and personality. These sessions are carefully crafted to highlight the unique features and expressions essential for portfolios, casting calls, and promotional materials. I work closely with each client to understand their career goals and tailor the session to meet the specific needs of the industry they are targeting, ensuring their headshot stands out in a competitive market.

By providing a high-quality, personalized service, I aim to help my clients achieve their professional objectives, enhancing their visibility and impact in their respective fields. Each headshot session is strategically planned to deliver an exceptional photograph and a seamless and empowering experience.

Expertise & Experience

With a career spanning over a decade in professional photography, I have honed my skills to become a leading photographer in Saginaw and beyond. My journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, continuous learning, and a commitment to capturing the essence of each moment through my lens.


I am a recognized Master of Photography by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), a distinction that underscores my artistic skill and technical proficiency. Over 200 awards distinguish my portfolio from prestigious international image competitions such as WPPI, Imaging USA, Shutterfest, and WPE. Specializing in various photographic styles, I adapt to my client’s specific needs, whether capturing the intricate details of a portrait or the grand emotion of a wedding.


My extensive experience encompasses a broad spectrum of photography, from intimate personal portraits to large-scale corporate events. This versatility allows me to expertly manage and execute projects of any scale with professionalism and artistry. As an industry educator, I have shared my knowledge and insights at over 30 national and international conferences, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the photography community. The testimonials and reviews from my clients reflect their high satisfaction and trust in my services, highlighting my dedication to exceeding expectations and delivering personalized, high-quality photography services that genuinely capture and convey their unique stories.

This combination of deep expertise and broad experience ensures that I provide top-tier photography services in Saginaw, capturing the essence of each subject and occasion with creativity, precision, and a personalized touch.

Saginaw Local Favorites

Saginaw, Texas, is home to many beloved local spots that offer stunning backdrops for photography sessions. My work often features these places, capturing the unique charm and character of the city.

Willow Creek Park is a favorite among Saginaw residents for its lush landscapes and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for relaxed and lively photo shoots. The park's natural beauty enhances any photographic work for family portraits, senior pictures, or casual outdoor gatherings.

Downtown Saginaw provides a picturesque backdrop with vibrant street scenes and historic buildings. The area's rich architecture and bustling ambiance bring a dynamic element to photographs, perfect for capturing the essence of city life.

Another popular site is the Saginaw Historical Museum, which offers a glimpse into the area's past with its well-preserved artifacts and exhibits. Photographing here allows me to add a historical dimension to my sessions, which is ideal for those looking for a more cultured and reflective ambiance.

These locations are more than just scenic spots; they are integral parts of the Saginaw community that resonate with locals and visitors alike, making each photo session uniquely meaningful and deeply connected to the city’s spirit.

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