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Princeton, TX Photographer

Professional Photographer in Princeton, Texas

Princeton Local Photographer

In Princeton, TX, my photography captures the essence of this charming, rapidly growing city. Nestled in the heart of Collin County, Princeton offers a unique blend of small-town warmth and scenic beauty, making it an excellent subject for various photography genres.

My work in Princeton highlights the city's natural landscapes, from the serene expanses of Community Park to the picturesque shores of Lavon Lake, offering ideal settings for family portraits, engagements, and personal photography projects. The growth of Princeton, with new neighborhoods and community spaces, provides dynamic backdrops that reflect the city’s heritage and future.

As a local photographer in Princeton, I sincerely appreciate the city's quiet charm and the strong sense of community among its residents. My photography aims to showcase the beauty of Princeton's natural settings and the vibrant life of its inhabitants, capturing the everyday moments and special occasions that define this evolving city. Through my lens, I strive to tell the story of Princeton, preserving the memories and moments that are treasured by the community.

I offer professional wedding, portrait, and headshot photography to residents in Princeton, Texas.

My newly married husband and I had the BEST experience with Michael Anthony Photography Team. Our photographer Kevin was proactive in looking for shots to take and gave great directions for helping us pose. I felt very comfortable and confident having Kevin responsible for capturing our special day. When we reviewed the final photos this morning, I was stunned by the entire gallery. The lighting, editing, and key attention to detail told a wonderful story of our wedding day. I felt like I was reliving the day with each picture. The cherry on top was seeing the heartfelt joy on each of our Mom's faces once the slideshow ended. Thank you Michael Anthony Photography!

-Dulce Popoca

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Princeton Wedding Photographer

In Princeton, my wedding photography, starting at $2,999, captures this evolving city’s quaint charm and scenic beauty. Princeton offers a variety of picturesque venues that are perfect for intimate and grand weddings alike, from rustic country settings to elegant indoor spaces.

I specialize in crafting a photographic narrative that encapsulates the love and joy of each couple's special day. Whether it’s a charming celebration at a local barn venue or a sophisticated affair at one of Princeton’s elegant event centers, I aim to capture the essence of the wedding authentically and beautifully.

My approach to wedding photography in Princeton involves close collaboration with the couple to ensure their vision and style are reflected in the images. From the emotional moments of the ceremony to the festive spirit of the reception, I focus on capturing the day's significant and subtle moments, creating a timeless collection of photographs that couples will cherish.

With Princeton's natural backdrops and growing selection of wedding venues, I provide couples with not just a service but an experience that celebrates their union and the unique charm of their chosen locale, ensuring their wedding day is beautifully immortalized through my photography.

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Princeton Portrait Photographer

In Princeton, TX, my portrait photography services, beginning at $299, are designed to capture individuals’ and families’ authentic essence and character. Set against the backdrop of this charming city, with its natural beauty and quaint neighborhoods, I offer specialized sessions in family, pet, and maternity photography.

Family Photography

In Princeton, my family portrait sessions are all about capturing the natural dynamics, emotions, and bonds within the family. Whether in the lush settings of the city's parks or the comfort of a family home, I aim to create beautiful and meaningful images, telling the story of each family's unique connection.

Pet Photography

Understanding the special bond between pets and their owners, my pet photography in Princeton captures the joy and personality of these beloved family members. I create relaxed and playful sessions, allowing pets to be themselves, ensuring that each photograph reflects their character and their bond with their family.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography in Princeton celebrates the journey of expectant mothers and their families. I focus on creating serene and beautiful portraits that capture the anticipation and love surrounding this particular time, choosing settings that complement the natural glow and happiness of the mother-to-be.

Through my portrait photography at Princeton, I aim to deliver not just photographs but lasting memories that capture my subjects’ true spirit and essence, reflecting their personalities and the special moments in their lives against the picturesque backdrop of Princeton.

Princeton Senior Photographer

In Princeton, TX, my senior photography services, starting at $299, are tailored to celebrate each high school senior’s unique journey and personality. With Princeton's natural landscapes and charming community settings, I create senior portraits that reflect the student's individuality and the spirit of their hometown.

Working closely with seniors from Princeton High School and other local institutions, I aim to capture their character, interests, and aspirations. Whether it’s through highlighting their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, or personal hobbies, each session is designed to showcase the distinct qualities and journey of the senior.

The sessions can be set in various locales around Princeton, from the serene beauty of the city’s parks to the quaint streets of the downtown area. This versatility in settings allows each senior’s personality to shine through, offering a range of styles from rustic and natural to more urban and sophisticated.

My senior photography at Princeton is not just about capturing a moment in time; it's about creating a memorable and enjoyable experience that results in a portfolio of images that seniors and their families will treasure. These photographs celebrate the culmination of their high school journey and the exciting transition to the next chapter of their lives.

Princeton Headshot Photographer

In Princeton, TX, I provide professional headshot photography services starting at $299, tailored to meet the needs of individuals across various professional sectors. I aim to create headshots that convey professionalism, confidence, and personality, which are essential for success in today’s competitive environment.

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Business Headshots

For professionals in Princeton, I offer corporate headshots that are key to establishing a solid professional presence. These headshots are crafted to suit the individual’s and the company’s branding, ensuring a polished and consistent image across all professional platforms, from LinkedIn to corporate websites.

Creative Headshots

Princeton’s artists, musicians, and creatives can benefit from headshots that express their unique artistic identity. These sessions capture the essence of the individual’s creativity and style, visually representing their brand.

Personal Branding Headshots

Understanding the importance of a dynamic online presence, I also specialize in personal branding headshots for entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals looking to enhance their image on social media and professional networking sites. Each session is customized to reflect the individual’s character and professional ethos, ensuring their headshot stands out.

My headshot photography in Princeton aims to provide a valuable asset for clients’ careers and personal branding efforts, ensuring each headshot looks professional and captures the individual’s unique qualities.

Expertise & Experience

In Princeton, TX, my photography expertise and experience are evidenced by a career spanning over 15 years, distinguished by numerous accolades and a steadfast dedication to photography.


  • I have achieved the esteemed Master of Photography designation from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), recognizing my technical skill and artistic vision.
  • My work has garnered over 200 awards at international image competitions like WPPI, Imaging USA, Shutterfest, and WPE, reflecting my ability to produce exceptional photography that resonates with a global audience.
  • My expertise covers a broad spectrum of photography, from intimate portraits to expansive wedding scenes, allowing me to adapt my approach to capture each assignment’s unique essence and atmosphere.


  • My extensive experience in Princeton and the wider photography community has enabled me to develop a nuanced understanding of capturing images that tell a story and evoke emotion, tailored to the distinctive characteristics of the local area.
  • As an industry educator, I have shared my knowledge and passion at over 30 national and international conferences, contributing to the professional development of the photography community and fostering a culture of continuous learning.
  • The positive reception of my work is evidenced by numerous five-star reviews, underscoring my commitment to delivering photography services that exceed expectations and resonate deeply with clients.

This blend of expertise and experience underscores my dedication to providing high-quality photography services in Princeton, ensuring that every project I undertake is executed with the highest professionalism and artistic integrity standards.

Princeton Local Favorites

In Princeton, TX, my photography often highlights the local favorites that define the city's character and offer a glimpse into the community's lifestyle. These spots are ideal for various photography sessions and help showcase the unique charm of Princeton.

  • Princeton City Lake Park: A popular spot among locals, this park provides a beautiful natural setting for photography with its serene lake, walking trails, and picnic areas. It's perfect for family portraits, engagement sessions, or tranquil nature shots.
  • J.M. Caldwell Sr. Community Park: Known for its sports complexes and playgrounds, this community park in Princeton is an excellent location for capturing the energy and dynamism of youth sports, family outings, and community events.
  • Downtown Princeton: The city’s heart, with its quaint buildings and local businesses, offers a charming backdrop for street photography, urban portraits, and capturing the essence of small-town life.

These local favorites in Princeton are integral to my photography, allowing me to create images that resonate with the community's spirit and the area’s natural beauty. Whether capturing the peaceful ambiance of the city's parks or the quaint charm of downtown, each location provides a meaningful and picturesque setting for my photography work.

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