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Professional Photographer in McKinney, Texas

McKinney Local Photographer

In McKinney, my photography profoundly connects with the city's historical charm and vibrant community life, capturing its unique essence from our studio at 8430 West University Drive, B209. As a resident of McKinney, my connection to the city is personal and profound, allowing me to showcase its rich heritage and dynamic spirit through my lens.

My work as a local photographer in McKinney goes beyond mere image capture; it's about telling the story of the city and its people. From the picturesque streets of the historic downtown to the peaceful landscapes of the surrounding parks and neighborhoods, McKinney offers a tapestry of scenes that perfectly fit a wide range of photography styles.

Having chosen McKinney as our home, Jen and I are deeply integrated into the community, providing meaningful insights and opportunities to engage with the city. This personal connection enhances my ability to capture the true character of McKinney, whether it’s in community events, local landmarks, or the everyday moments that define life in this vibrant city.

Through my photography, I strive to convey McKinney’s beauty, history, and community spirit, making each photograph a testament to the city’s enduring appeal and the personal journey of choosing it as our home.

I offer professional wedding, portrait, and headshot photography services in McKinney, Texas.

Where do I begin with this review. I can go on and on about working with Michael Anthony and his team. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Words will never be enough to express how happy my husband and I are with the work that Michael delivered to us. From the engagement session, to the wedding day to the bridal session photos. Everything he captured and sent us kept us saying... WOW!! Damn! This guy is REAL GOOD!! BEST DECISION we made. Michael, Jennifer and Courtney were very professional, patient and very easy to work with. They delivered above and beyond what I had expected. They were the best vendors we ended up working with during the wedding. BIG THANK YOU to Michael Anthony and his team.

-Suzie Garcia

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McKinney Wedding Photographer

I offer wedding photography services in McKinney Texas.

In McKinney, my wedding photography services start at $2,999, reflecting the city's unique blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. McKinney is home to various stunning wedding venues that cater to every style and preference, from the quaint and historic to the lush and natural.

Our photography studio is at 8430 West University Drive, #209, McKinney, TX 75051. Also known as Highway 380.

At venues like the Bingham House, I capture the timeless elegance of weddings against the backdrop of this historic mansion, known for its Victorian charm and beautiful gardens. The intimate and romantic setting allows me to capture candid moments and exquisite details that define the couple's special day.

Another popular venue in McKinney is the Gather in Downtown McKinney. I have enjoyed photographing weddings that blend urban sophistication with this unique location’s warm, inviting atmosphere. Its rustic and contemporary elements combine to provide a versatile backdrop for wedding photography, allowing me to create a diverse and captivating visual narrative of the celebration.

In McKinney, I also frequently work at the Stonebridge Ranch Country Club, where the expansive views and elegant settings offer a perfect scene for grand and luxurious weddings—the country club’s natural beauty and refined decor contribute to stunning portrait sessions and dynamic celebration shots.

Through my lens, I aim to capture the essence and emotion of each wedding in McKinney, leveraging the distinct characteristics of venues like the Bingham House, Gather, and Stonebridge Ranch Country Club. I aim to provide couples with a beautifully crafted collection of images documenting their wedding day and telling a story of love, joy, and the unique ambiance of McKinney’s wedding venues.

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McKinney Portrait Photographer

In McKinney, my portrait photography services, starting at $299, are centered around capturing each subject’s genuine essence and character. Focusing on family, pet, and maternity photography, I utilize McKinney’s natural beauty and our studio’s sophisticated design to create compelling and meaningful portraits.

Our studio in McKinney, located at 8430 West University Drive, #209, is meticulously designed for fine art portraits, featuring multiple sets and a variety of props that allow for a diverse range of styles and themes. This versatility enables me to tailor each session to my client’s needs and visions, ensuring a unique and personalized experience.

Family Photography

In McKinney, my family photography sessions capture the warmth and love that families share. Utilizing McKinney's picturesque settings or our studio's carefully curated environment, I strive to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant family portraits, reflecting each family's unique bond.

Pet Photography

Understanding the special place pets hold in our lives, my pet photography in McKinney captures these family members’ playful, loyal, and loving nature. Whether it’s a fun outdoor shoot or a styled session in our studio, I aim to highlight the personality and charm of each pet, creating memorable portraits that celebrate the joy they bring to our lives.

Maternity Photography

My maternity photography in McKinney is designed to honor the beauty and journey of expectant mothers. With the option of outdoor natural settings or the controlled environment of our studio, I provide a comfortable and serene atmosphere for mothers-to-be, capturing this significant phase of life with grace and artistry.

Through my portrait photography in McKinney, I am committed to providing an exceptional and enjoyable experience, resulting in timeless photographs that capture the essence and beauty of the subjects, creating lasting memories for them and their families.

McKinney Senior Photographer

In McKinney, my senior photography services, with outdoor sessions beginning at $299, celebrate the individuality and achievements of each high school senior. With the rich, scenic backdrops of McKinney and the state-of-the-art facilities of our studio, I create personalized and dynamic portraits that capture this significant milestone in their lives.

Working with seniors from McKinney's high schools, I tailor each session to reflect the student's personality, interests, and future aspirations. Whether on the sports field, in an artistic setting, or at our studio with its diverse sets and props, the focus is on highlighting their unique journey and achievements.

Our studio in McKinney is equipped to offer a variety of styles, from classic portraits to modern, stylized shoots, providing seniors with a range of options to express themselves. This flexibility, combined with the natural charm and urban diversity of McKinney, allows for senior portraits that are visually striking, deeply personal, and reflective of each student's individuality.

Through my senior photography in McKinney, I aim to create more than just photos; I strive to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience that results in a portfolio of images celebrating the end of one life chapter and the beginning of another, capturing the essence of the senior year with creativity and authenticity.

McKinney Headshot Photographer

At McKinney, my headshot photography services, starting at $299, cater to a broad spectrum of clients, including professionals seeking corporate headshots, actors, and models needing portfolio images, and individuals looking for personal branding. Our studio in McKinney, designed with multiple sets and diverse props, offers the perfect environment for creating various headshot styles, from classic to contemporary.

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Corporate Headshots

For the professionals in McKinney, I provide corporate headshots that encapsulate the individual’s professionalism and character. Whether taken in our McKinney studio or at the client's office, these headshots are crafted to align with corporate branding, conveying a polished and professional image.

Acting and Modeling Headshots

Actors and models in McKinney benefit from our studio’s versatile settings, which allow for headshots that highlight their adaptability and unique features, which are crucial for their portfolios. The range of props and backdrops will enable us to create headshots that accentuate their potential in the entertainment industry.

Personal Branding Headshots

Understanding the impact of a solid online presence, I also specialize in headshots for personal branding. These sessions are designed to produce authentic and engaging images that reflect the individual’s personality and style, perfect for social media profiles, business websites, and other personal branding platforms.

In McKinney, whether in our specially designed studio or at a location that suits the client's needs, I strive to create headshot photography sessions that are not just about taking a picture but about crafting an image that plays a pivotal role in the client's professional journey and personal branding.

Expertise & Experience

In McKinney, where our studio is located and serves as a hub for our photography services, my expertise and experience are deeply rooted in over 15 years of professional photography. This journey is marked by a commitment to quality, continuous learning, and a passion for capturing life's moments.


  • My proficiency in photography is certified by my Master of Photography title from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), which acknowledges my artistic and technical skills.
  • My expertise is further evidenced by over 200 awards from prestigious international image competitions such as WPPI, Imaging USA, Shutterfest, and WPE, showcasing my ability to produce work that stands out globally.
  • The versatility of my photography is evident in my ability to seamlessly transition between different photography styles and genres, from intimate portraits to grand weddings, ensuring that each project is executed with the highest artistic excellence.


  • Having chosen McKinney as our home and business location, I have a unique understanding and connection to the community, which enhances my ability to capture the essence of local life and the special moments of the residents and clients I serve.
  • My extensive experience as an industry educator, with more than 30 national and international conference speaking engagements, reflects my commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting excellence within the photography community.
  • The trust and loyalty of my clients are reflected in numerous five-star reviews, highlighting my dedication to exceeding client expectations and delivering personalized, high-quality photography services.

This foundation of expertise and experience in McKinney is pivotal to providing photography services that meet and exceed our client’s standards, ensuring that each photograph is a testament to our professional dedication and creative passion.

McKinney Local Favorites

In McKinney, local favorites often inspire my photography by highlighting the city's charm and community spirit. These beloved locations offer more than just beautiful backdrops; they glimpse the heart of McKinney, where our studio is proudly based.

  • Historic Downtown McKinney: A jewel in the city, it offers a picturesque setting with quaint shops, charming architecture, and a vibrant atmosphere. It’s a favorite spot for capturing the essence of McKinney’s rich heritage and lively community life in our photography sessions. When moving to Texas, I purchased my first cowboy hat at the famous McKinney Hat Co.
  • Adriatica Village: Mimicking a European village, Adriatica Village in McKinney provides a unique and enchanting backdrop with its cobblestone streets, stunning architecture, and serene waterfront views, making it a preferred location for romantic and artistic photo shoots.
  • Towne Lake Park: Known for its scenic beauty and peaceful ambiance, Towne Lake Park is ideal for family, senior, and portrait photography. The natural landscapes and serene lake offer a versatile canvas for capturing moments that resonate with tranquility and joy.

These local favorites in McKinney are integral to our photography, allowing us to create images that capture the beauty of the settings and embody the city’s spirit and character. Whether it’s the historical depth of Downtown, the picturesque charm of Adriatica Village, or the natural beauty of Towne Lake Park, each location plays a role in telling the story of McKinney and the people who live here.

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