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Professional Photographer in Little Elm, Texas

Local Photographer

In Little Elm, my photography captures the unique coastal charm and vibrant community life that define this picturesque town. With its beautiful lakeside views and friendly neighborhoods, Little Elm provides a diverse canvas for my photography, allowing me to showcase the area's natural beauty and the lively spirit of its residents.

Over the years, I've immersed myself in Little Elm, photographing everything from local events and festivals to serene landscapes and everyday life. This experience has not only deepened my connection to the town but also enhanced my ability to capture the essence of Little Elm in my work.

Recognized for my photography within the Little Elm community, I take pride in producing images that resonate with the locals and accurately depict the town's dynamic atmosphere. My work in Little Elm is a testament to my passion for photography and commitment to capturing the moments that matter most to the community.

I offer professional wedding, portrait, and headshot photography services to Little Elm, Texas, residents and the rest of Dallas.

Little Elm Wedding Photographer

In Little Elm, where I provide wedding photography services starting at $2,999, I capture the unique charm and romance of each couple's special day. Little Elm is home to Knotting Hill Place, a venue renowned for its stunning architecture and elegant landscapes, offering a picturesque wedding setting. Our wedding photography portfolio blends perfectly with Knotting Hill Place’s beauty.

My experience with Little Elm’s wedding venues, especially Knotting Hill Place, allows me to create beautiful, story-driven imagery that couples cherish. This venue, with its luxurious design and scenic surroundings, provides a variety of backdrops for capturing the day's emotions and festivities, from intimate moments to grand celebrations.

In Little Elm, the natural lakeside beauty and the architectural elegance of venues like Knotting Hill Place combine to offer ideal scenes for wedding photography. My approach is to harmonize these elements with the couple’s narrative, producing images that reflect the day’s joy, romance, and unique character.

By focusing on the personal and visual harmony of each wedding in Little Elm, particularly at distinguished venues like Knotting Hill Place, I aim to deliver a memorable and comprehensive portrayal of the couple’s celebration, ensuring that their wedding album is not only a collection of photographs but a timeless story of their love.

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Little Elm Portrait Photographer

In Little Elm, my portrait photography services, starting at $299, are designed to capture the essence and individuality of each subject, set against the picturesque backdrop of this lakeside community. I specialize in creating family, pet, and maternity portraits that are beautiful but also meaningful and reflective of each client's story.

Family Photography

In Little Elm, family portraits capture the connection and love shared within each family. I choose settings that complement the family's dynamic, whether the serene Little Elm Beach, lush parks, or the comfort of their home, ensuring each photograph resonates with warmth and authenticity.

Pet Photography

Understanding the special bond between pets and their owners, my pet photography in Little Elm aims to capture each animal’s unique character and spirit. Whether it's a playful session at the park or a relaxed moment at home, I focus on creating images that showcase the personality and joy of each pet.

Maternity Photography

Maternity sessions in Little Elm are crafted to celebrate the journey of motherhood. I utilize the town’s natural beauty, from lakeside views to tranquil parks, as a backdrop for these intimate and beautiful portraits, capturing the anticipation and love of the expectant mother and family.

Through my portrait photography in Little Elm, I strive to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience, delivering portraits that capture the moment and tell a story, preserving cherished memories for years to come.

Little Elm Senior Photographer

In Little Elm, where I provide senior photography services starting at $449, I specialize in capturing the pivotal moment of high school graduation, celebrating the individuality and aspirations of each student. Collaborating with seniors from Little Elm High School, home of the Lobos, I craft sessions highlighting their unique journey and spirit.

My approach to senior photography in Little Elm is personalized, ensuring that each session reflects the distinct personality and achievements of the student. Embracing the Lobo spirit, I strive to create images that resonate with the energy and pride of Little Elm’s students, showcasing their readiness to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Utilizing the picturesque and diverse landscapes of Little Elm, from the lakefront to the town’s vibrant settings, I provide a backdrop that complements the student's story. These locations enhance the visual appeal of the photographs and add a layer of personal significance, echoing the community and environment that have shaped the student’s high school experience.

In crafting these senior portraits, I aim to offer more than just a photograph; I seek to encapsulate the essence of the student’s time at Little Elm High School, celebrating their achievements and the exciting journey ahead, all while embodying the spirited legacy of the Lobos.

Wonderful experience. We loved our photos! Michael captured Sophia’s best moments. Can’t wait to go back for more special moments.

-Ashley Bailon

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Little Elm Headshot Photographer

In Little Elm, my headshot photography services, starting at $299, cater to a diverse clientele, providing professional and personalized images that enhance each individual’s brand and professional presence. Whether for corporate professionals, actors, or individuals seeking to boost their online profiles, I create headshots that project confidence, professionalism, and personality.

Corporate Headshots

For the corporate sector in Little Elm, I offer headshots that embody the professional image and ethos of the individual and their company. These sessions can be conducted in my studio or at the client’s workplace, providing convenience and ensuring that the headshots align with the corporate brand and culture.

Acting and Modeling Headshots

Actors and models in Little Elm benefit from my headshot photography, which emphasizes their unique features and versatility, which are crucial for standing out in the entertainment industry. I capture the essence of their personality and talent, providing them with a portfolio that opens doors to new opportunities.

Personal Branding Headshots

Understanding the importance of a robust online presence, I also specialize in headshots for personal branding. These are ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to enhance their image on social media, professional networking sites, and online dating platforms. The focus is on creating natural, authentic photos representing the individual’s style and character.

My headshot photography in Little Elm is designed to meet clients’ specific needs and goals, ensuring they receive a product that meets and exceeds their expectations, helping them advance in their professional or personal endeavors.

Expertise & Experience

My combined expertise and experience in Little Elm form a solid foundation for delivering exceptional photography services across various genres. With over 15 years of professional photography, my journey is distinguished by continuous growth, skill enhancement, and a deep passion for capturing life's moments.


  • I hold the prestigious Master of Photography title from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), recognizing my artistic achievements and technical proficiency. I have earned numerous awards for my work.
  • My expertise spans wedding, portrait, senior, and headshot photography, with a flexible style that adapts to the unique needs of each project, ensuring personalized and impactful results.
  • Continuous learning and adaptation to the latest photographic techniques and trends are central to my practice, enabling me to offer contemporary and creative solutions to my clients.


  • In Little Elm, I have cultivated a strong portfolio reflecting the community’s diverse character, from its scenic landscapes to vibrant urban life.
  • My role as an industry educator, with extensive experience speaking at national and international conferences, has enriched my knowledge and allowed me to share my passion for photography with others, fostering a broader understanding of the art.
  • The positive feedback and repeat engagements from clients underscore my success in delivering high-quality photography services that resonate with and exceed client expectations.

My expertise and experience in Little Elm and beyond ensure that I am well-equipped to capture the essence and beauty of each moment, providing clients with memories that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally significant.

Little Elm Local Favorites

In Little Elm, my photography is often inspired by the town's local favorites, where the natural beauty and community atmosphere provide perfect scenes for various photography sessions. These cherished spots in Little Elm offer picturesque backdrops and reflect the essence of the town's lifestyle and spirit.

  • Little Elm Park: Known for its beautiful beach and park areas, it is a favorite location for relaxed family portraits and vibrant senior photography sessions. The natural landscapes and recreational spaces blend to offer diverse settings for capturing dynamic and authentic images.
  • Hydrous Wake Park: As a unique and energetic spot in Little Elm, Hydrous Wake Park provides an exciting backdrop for action shots and casual, lifestyle-oriented photography, capturing the adventurous spirit of the subjects against the backdrop of water sports and lake views.
  • The Lakefront District: This area of Little Elm combines the lake’s serene beauty with the charm of local businesses and eateries, making it a versatile location for various photographic styles, from headshots and branding sessions to candid street photography.

Utilizing these local favorites in Little Elm allows me to create photographs that capture the locations' visual appeal and embody the town's lively and engaging atmosphere, making each photo session a unique and enjoyable experience.

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