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Professional Photographer in Lewisville, Texas

Lewisville Local Photographer

In Lewisville, my photography captures the essence of this vibrant city, where urban vitality meets natural beauty. My experience in Lewisville has allowed me to explore and photograph its diverse landscapes, from bustling streets and colorful urban districts to the tranquil lakeside parks and natural reserves.

With years of professional photography in Lewisville, I have developed a keen eye for the unique elements that make the city stand out. Whether it's the historic charm of Old Town Lewisville, the scenic vistas of Lewisville Lake, or the contemporary pulse of the city’s dynamic neighborhoods, I bring these settings to life through my lens.

My work in Lewisville is well-recognized and celebrated, with numerous accolades and a portfolio that showcases the city's dynamic atmosphere and picturesque settings. This recognition is a testament to my commitment to providing exceptional photography services that capture the true spirit of Lewisville, making each photo session a meaningful and memorable experience for my clients.

I am a professional photographer offering wedding, portrait, and headshot photography to residents of Lewisville, Texas.

Lewisville Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Lewisville, I offer services starting at $2,999, capturing the essence of each couple's special day against the backdrop of this vibrant city. Lewisville, with its mix of urban charm and natural beauty, provides a variety of stunning venues that are perfect for weddings of all styles and sizes.

From the serene shores of Lewisville Lake to the rustic elegance of local vineyards and the modern sophistication of event centers, I work with couples to find the perfect setting that reflects their vision and style. My approach to wedding photography in Lewisville is to blend candid moments with crafted, picturesque portraits, ensuring a comprehensive and beautiful wedding day narrative.

My experience in Lewisville has allowed me to become familiar with its best wedding venues, understanding the unique aspects of each location to capture the day's magic effectively. Whether it’s an intimate lakeside ceremony, a chic urban celebration, or a grand ballroom event, my photography aims to reflect the joy, love, and unique details of each couple's celebration, providing them with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Some venue favorites include:

  • The Springs Event Venue: At The Springs in Lewisville, I leverage the venue's elegant architecture and picturesque outdoor settings to create stunning wedding photographs. The natural landscapes and refined structures provide a versatile backdrop, allowing me to capture the day's elegance and the couple's love story in a setting that combines rustic charm with sophistication.
  • Hidden Pines | Highland Village: Another favored venue in the area, Hidden Pines | Highland Village, offers a beautifully intimate setting with its chapel and reception hall, nestled in a serene natural environment. My photography here focuses on the venue's warm, inviting atmosphere, using its blend of rustic elegance and modern amenities to capture memorable moments and detailed expressions of the wedding celebration.
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Lewisville Portrait Photographer

In Lewisville, my portrait photography services, with rates starting at $299, are designed to capture the essence and personality of individuals and families in settings that highlight their unique stories. I specialize in family, pet, and maternity photography, utilizing Lewisville’s diverse landscapes and urban settings to create authentic and meaningful portraits.

Family Photography

Family sessions in Lewisville are tailored to reflect each family’s unique bond and personality. From the tranquil shores of Lewisville Lake to the charming urban settings of Old Town, I collaborate with families to find the perfect backdrop that resonates with their dynamic, ensuring the photographs capture the warmth and love they share.

Pet Photography

Pet photography in Lewisville captures pets’ playful and loving nature, set against the city’s natural beauty or within the comfort of the home. I focus on creating a fun and relaxed environment, allowing pets to express their true selves, resulting in candid and heartwarming portraits that celebrate the special bond between pets and their owners.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography sessions in Lewisville are designed to celebrate the journey of motherhood in beautiful, serene settings. Whether at a picturesque park or a more personal indoor location, I aim to create a comfortable and empowering experience for expectant mothers, capturing the beauty and anticipation of this particular time with sensitivity and elegance.

Through my portrait photography in Lewisville, I strive to create not just photographs but lasting memories that reflect the true spirit and personality of the subjects, offering them a timeless keepsake of cherished moments in their lives.

Lewisville Senior Photographer

In Lewisville, where I offer senior photography starting at $299, I specialize in creating personalized portraits that capture the essence of each high school senior's unique journey. Working with students from Lewisville High School, home of the Fighting Farmers, I craft sessions that showcase their individuality and achievements.

At Lewisville High School, the Fighting Farmers' spirit of resilience and pride is a theme I love to incorporate into the portraits. This allows for a meaningful representation of the student’s high school experience, highlighting their connection to the school's heritage and community. I collaborate with each senior to ensure their photos reflect their personality, whether they're athletes, artists, scholars, or involved in various extracurricular activities.

Lewisville offers a variety of picturesque and meaningful settings for senior portraits, from the vibrant urban areas to the peaceful natural landscapes. I select locations with the seniors that resonate with their personal stories and aspirations, ensuring that each photograph captures their current achievements, potential, and hopes for the future.

My senior photography in Lewisville, particularly with students from Lewisville High School, is about celebrating this significant phase in their lives. The aim is to create a collection of images that are not only visually striking but also embody the spirit and pride of being a Fighting Farmer, marking the end of one chapter and the exciting beginning of another.

If you are able to book Michael Anthony Photography for you wedding...DO IT. The photos came out incredible! Him and his team are so friendly and experienced. Me and my husband don't love being in front of the camera and he makes you feel so comfortable! We had a blast taking photos and the candids were amazing also. Can't recommend enough! Best in the Biz!

Lindsey Cohen

Lewisville Headshot Photographer

In Lewisville, my headshot photography services, starting at $299, are tailored to meet the professional needs of individuals across various industries. Whether it's for corporate professionals, actors, or individuals seeking to enhance their online presence, I provide headshots that convey confidence, professionalism, and personality.

Corporate Headshots

For corporate clients in Lewisville, I create headshots that project the professional image and brand identity crucial for success in the business world. These sessions can be conducted in my studio or on location, offering flexibility and convenience to meet the busy schedules of professionals.

Acting and Modeling Headshots

For actors and models in Lewisville, my headshots are designed to highlight their versatility and unique characteristics, which are essential for capturing the attention of casting directors and agencies. I focus on delivering images that showcase their potential and distinctiveness in the competitive entertainment industry.

Personal Branding Headshots

Understanding the importance of a solid personal brand, I also offer headshot photography for individuals looking to enhance their presence on professional networking sites, social media, or dating platforms. These sessions aim to capture natural, authentic portraits that reflect the individual's character and style, making a positive and lasting impression.

My headshot photography in Lewisville is about providing more than just a picture; it's about delivering a personal branding tool that helps individuals achieve their professional and personal goals. Through a collaborative approach, I customize each headshot session to meet my client’s specific needs and aspirations, resulting in impactful and empowering images.

Expertise & Experience

In Lewisville, my expertise and experience in photography are anchored in a career spanning over 15 years, marked by continuous learning, professional development, and a deep passion for capturing moments through the lens.


  • My expertise in photography is recognized through prestigious accolades, including the Master of Photography title from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), reflecting my commitment to excellence and creative vision.
  • I excel in various photography styles, from the nuanced subtleties of portrait photography to the dynamic storytelling of wedding and event photography, allowing me to adapt to the specific needs of each project.
  • Ongoing education and engagement with the latest industry trends ensure my work remains innovative, incorporating cutting-edge techniques and styles to produce visually striking and emotionally resonant images.


  • With years of professional photography in Lewisville, I have built a comprehensive portfolio that showcases a wide range of subjects and styles, underlining my versatility and capability to capture the essence of any moment or event.
  • My experience as an industry educator, having spoken at over 30 national and international photography conferences, establishes my authority in the field and enriches my practice by exchanging knowledge and ideas.
  • Client satisfaction has always been a cornerstone of my work, evidenced by numerous five-star reviews and testimonials from those I’ve worked with in Lewisville and beyond, highlighting my ability to deliver exceptional photography services that meet and exceed expectations.

This blend of expertise and experience in Lewisville has solidified my reputation as a trusted and skilled photographer, committed to providing high-quality, personalized photography services that capture and celebrate the unique stories of individuals, families, and businesses in the community.

Lewisville Local Favorites

In Lewisville, my photography often features the city's picturesque local favorites, embodying the community's vibrant spirit. These beloved spots provide the perfect backdrop for a range of photography sessions, allowing me to capture the essence of Lewisville through my lens.

  • Lewisville Lake: A favorite among residents and a frequent choice for my photography sessions, Lewisville Lake's expansive waters and natural surroundings offer a serene setting ideal for capturing tranquil and beautiful scenes.
  • Central Park: Known for its lush landscapes and peaceful ambiance, Central Park in Lewisville provides a versatile backdrop for family portraits, senior pictures, and personal branding sessions, offering natural beauty and a sense of tranquility.
  • Old Town Lewisville: The historic and charming Old Town area, with its unique architecture and vibrant streetscapes, serves as a fantastic location for more urban-styled photography, capturing the historical essence and dynamic life of Lewisville.

These locations are more than just settings for photos; they are integral parts of the Lewisville community, each with its own story and atmosphere. Utilizing these local favorites allows me to create visually captivating photographs deeply connected to Lewisville’s character and spirit.

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