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Frisco Photographer

Professional Photographer in Frisco, Texas

Local Photographer in Frisco

As a local photographer in Frisco, I capture the essence and vibrancy of this rapidly growing city. Known for its unique blend of urban sophistication and suburban comfort, Frisco offers a dynamic backdrop for various photography styles, from sleek urban scenes to serene natural landscapes.

I offer professional photography services to residents of Frisco, with my specialties being wedding photography, portrait photography (including high school senior photography), and corporate headshot photography.

Frisco Wedding Photographer

My wedding photography packages in Frisco start at $2,999. Most couples invest around $5,000. Our studio is known for capturing your special day’s unique charm and elegance. Frisco, known for its modern amenities and beautiful natural settings, offers a variety of stunning venues for weddings, from luxurious ballrooms to picturesque outdoor spaces.

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Celebrated Wedding Venues in Frisco

  • The Chapel at Ana Villa: With its Spanish-inspired architecture and beautiful landscape, this venue offers a romantic setting for ceremonies and receptions.
  • Magnolia Terrace: This elegant and versatile event space is perfect for grand weddings, known for its historic facilities and customizable options to fit any theme.
  • Omni PGA Frisco Resort: Ideal for couples looking for a natural setting, this venue features lush greenery and a serene atmosphere, providing a picturesque backdrop for outdoor weddings.
  • Verona Villa: Inspired by Italian architecture, Verona Villa offers a blend of classic elegance and contemporary style, making it a favored choice for sophisticated weddings.
  • Stonebriar Country Club: Known for its stunning golf course views and exceptional service, Stonebriar creates a luxurious and memorable wedding experience.

Tailored Wedding Photography in Frisco

My approach to wedding photography in Frisco involves understanding each couple’s vision and the unique aspects of their chosen venue. Whether capturing the intimate moments of a ceremony at The Chapel at Ana Villa or the festive celebration at Frisco Hall, I strive to create a wedding album that beautifully tells the story of your day.

By choosing Frisco as your wedding destination, you're not just selecting a location but creating a backdrop for your love story. I am dedicated to capturing every moment, from the grand gestures to the subtle nuances, ensuring that your wedding photos reflect the joy and beauty of your celebration in Frisco.

We hired Michael Anthony Photography for our Save the Date photos and Wedding Photography. Both my wife and I are so happy with all of the pictures, and were deeply impressed by the level of professional and detail that goes into all of their work. Their team was fun and easy to work with, and really made the entire process enjoyable.

-Brandon & Inbar Lippencott

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Frisco Portrait Photographer

In Frisco, my portrait photography services, starting at $299, are centered around capturing the essence and personality of individuals and families, focusing on family, pet, and maternity photography. Frisco’s dynamic landscapes and community parks provide the perfect canvas for these life-affirming sessions.

Family Photography in Frisco

Family portraits in Frisco are about more than just gathering people and saying "cheese." They're about capturing the laughter, love, and unique dynamics. Whether it’s a fun-filled day at Frisco Commons or a relaxed afternoon in your backyard, these sessions capture your family’s natural interactions and genuine emotions, creating memories that will last forever.

Pet Photography in Frisco

Our furry, feathered, or scaled friends are integral to our families, and my pet photography sessions in Frisco aim to capture their unique personalities. From playful romps at Ruff Range Dog Park to quiet moments at home, I focus on creating images that showcase the joy and companionship pets bring into our lives, ensuring every tail wag and whisker twitch is captured with love and attention to detail.

Maternity Photography in Frisco

Maternity photography is a celebration of life and the beautiful journey of motherhood. In the serene settings of Frisco’s parks or the comfort of your home, I create intimate and elegant portraits that capture the anticipation and wonder of this particular time. These sessions are tailored to reflect the strength and beauty of expectant mothers, creating lasting mementos of this incredible period in a family’s life.

With its blend of urban charm and natural beauty in Frisco, I aim to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all my clients, ensuring each portrait session results in beautiful, heartfelt photographs that will be treasured for years.

Frisco High School Senior Photographer

In Frisco, my senior photography service, starting at $449, celebrates the individuality and achievements of students from local high schools like Frisco High School, known for the Raccoons, and Wakeland High School, home of the Wolverines. These sessions are crafted to highlight each graduating senior’s personal journey and future aspirations, set against the backdrop of Frisco’s dynamic environment.

Frisco High School Raccoons

Seniors from Frisco High School embody the spirit of the Raccoons, showcasing resilience and adaptability. I capture this essence in their portraits, utilizing locations that reflect their high school experience and individuality. Whether on the school grounds or at iconic Frisco locations, the goal is to create memorable images that seniors and their families will cherish.

Wakeland High School Wolverines

At Wakeland High School, where the Wolverines lead the way, I focus on portraying the strength and determination of the students. Senior portraits are designed to mirror the Wolverine's dynamic energy, capturing the students’ accomplishments and readiness for future challenges.

Personalized and Reflective Sessions

I personalize each session to reflect the senior’s personality, incorporating their hobbies, achievements, and aspirations. Whether showcasing their athletic prowess, artistic talents, or academic success, the portraits aim to accurately represent their high school journey and individual character.

Flexibility and Variety

Offering sessions in various Frisco locales, from the vibrant Frisco Square to the peaceful parks, provides a range of settings that cater to different styles and preferences. This flexibility ensures that each senior's portraits are visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

By focusing on the unique stories of seniors from Frisco’s high schools, including their mascots and the pride of the Frisco Independent School District, I aim to provide a senior photography experience that celebrates this significant milestone in a personalized and memorable way.

Corporate Headshot Photography in Frisco

In Frisco, my corporate headshot photography, starting at $349, is tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals in various sectors, focusing on attorneys, insurance agents, and medical practitioners. These headshots reinforce brand cohesion and establish a strong professional image in the competitive Frisco business landscape.

Business Headshot
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Specialized Headshots for Professionals

  • Attorneys: For legal professionals, the headshots convey authority, integrity, and professionalism, which are critical traits for attorneys in Frisco. These images are meticulously crafted to align with the law firm’s branding and the attorney’s image, ensuring they resonate with clients and colleagues alike.
  • Insurance Agents: Headshots for insurance professionals are designed to project trustworthiness, reliability, and approachability. In the insurance industry, where trust is paramount, these headshots help establish a strong rapport with clients and enhance the insurance firm’s reputation in Frisco.
  • Realtors: Headshots for real estate professionals in Frisco are crafted to emphasize approachability, professionalism, and market knowledge. These images help realtors stand out in the competitive real estate market, showcasing their confidence and expertise to potential clients.
  • Medical Professionals: Medical headshots combine professionalism with compassion, reflecting the healthcare provider's expertise and empathy. These images support the medical practice’s mission and values, fostering trust and respect among patients and peers in Frisco’s healthcare community.

Ensuring Brand Cohesion

Brand cohesion is essential, and I work closely with companies and individual professionals to ensure that the headshots align seamlessly with their branding strategy. This involves understanding the brand’s ethos and ensuring that the visual elements of the headshots, from style to backdrop, reinforce the company’s identity and message.

Flexible Session Options

I offer the flexibility of conducting headshot sessions either in my studio, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and backdrops, or on location at the company’s office in Frisco. This versatility allows for consistency in team headshots and the convenience of on-site photography, minimizing downtime for busy professionals.

By specializing in corporate headshots for key sectors in Frisco, I ensure that each professional’s image is crafted to enhance their brand presence and professional identity, whether captured in a studio setting or the familiar workplace environment.

Local Favorites in Frisco

Frisco's local favorites, like the Frisco Square for its urban charm and the serene Frisco Central Park, provide perfect settings for photography sessions. The vibrant sports culture, highlighted by the Ford Center at The Star, which is where the Dallas Cowboys facility is, offers dynamic backdrops, while the natural beauty of the Frisco Heritage Center adds a historical touch to the photographic experience.

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