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Professional Photographer in Coppell, Texas

Local Photographer

In Coppell, I offer photography services that capture the essence and spirit of this dynamic city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With a history of transformation from a small farming community to a thriving suburban area, Coppell provides a mix of modern and natural settings ideal for various photography styles.

I offer professional wedding, portrait, and headshot photography to the residents of Coppell.

Coppell Wedding Photographer

In Coppell, my wedding photography services start at $2,999, offering couples a range of options to capture their special day at some of the most sought-after venues in the area. Coppell is known for its picturesque settings and versatile venues that cater to every style and preference. Check out my wedding pricing here.

Coppell Nature Park is a favorite among nature-loving couples, providing a serene and beautiful outdoor setting for wedding ceremonies and photography. Its expansive green spaces and tranquil trails offer a natural backdrop that enhances the beauty and intimacy of wedding celebrations.

For those preferring a more traditional or elegant indoor setting, the Coppell Senior and Community Center is renowned for its spacious banquet halls and modern amenities, making it an ideal choice for grand receptions and cozy gatherings.

With its vintage charm and historic ambiance, Old Town Coppell offers a unique and picturesque wedding backdrop. The area's quaint streets, boutique shops, and rustic architecture provide a distinctive setting for capturing the day's special moments.

Additionally, Coppell's local churches and event spaces, such as the beautiful and centrally located GracePoint Church, offer a range of options from the classic to the contemporary, ensuring that each couple can find the perfect venue that reflects their personality and wedding theme.

By focusing on these popular Coppell venues in my photography, I aim to create a visual narrative that not only tells the story of the wedding day but also highlights the beauty and character of the location. My goal is to ensure that when couples search for a wedding photographer in Coppell, they find a portfolio that resonates with the style, elegance, and charm of Coppell’s venues, making their wedding memories even more special and enduring.

Coppell Portrait Photographer

In Coppell, my portrait photography services start at $299 and cater to capturing the essence of family life, the joy of pet ownership, and the beauty of maternity. These sessions are designed to create lasting memories and showcase the special bond between loved ones. Check out our portrait pricing here.

Family Photography

Family portraits in Coppell capture each family’s love, connection, and unique dynamics. Whether it's a session in the picturesque settings of Coppell Nature Park, the urban charm of Old Town Coppell, or the comfort of your own home, I aim to create images that reflect the warmth and personality of each family. These relaxed and fun sessions allow families to interact naturally, resulting in genuine and heartfelt photographs.

Pet Photography

Pet photography in Coppell is for those who want to celebrate the furry members of their family. I understand the special bond between pets and their owners and strive to capture that relationship in every photo. Whether it's playful moments in a local park or a serene portrait in a favorite indoor spot, each session is tailored to highlight your pet’s unique character and quirks, creating memorable images that pet owners will cherish.

Maternity Photography

Our maternity photography focuses on capturing the beauty and anticipation of pregnancy. These sessions are designed to create timeless images celebrating this significant life phase. I work closely with expectant mothers (and families) to choose locations and styles that make them feel comfortable and radiant, whether in the natural backdrop of a local park or the intimacy of their home. The goal is to provide a serene and nurturing environment to capture the expectant mother's glow and the emotional bond with the unborn child.

In offering these specialized portrait services, I aim to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience that results in beautiful, high-quality images that clients in Coppell will treasure for a lifetime.

Coppell High School Senior Photographer

For senior portraits in Coppell, starting at $299, I focus on creating personalized sessions that capture the spirit and achievements of each student, particularly those attending the local high schools like Coppell High School and New Tech High @ Coppell. These schools offer a range of dynamic backgrounds for photography, from the architectural beauty and modern facilities of Coppell High School to the innovative and contemporary setting of New Tech High.

Coppell High School, known for its academic excellence and strong community spirit, provides a classic and proud backdrop for senior portraits. The school's expansive campus, athletic facilities, and green spaces offer a variety of settings to capture students' interests and activities, whether they are athletes, artists, or scholars.

New Tech High @ Coppell, focusing on technology and innovative learning, presents a modern and forward-thinking environment for senior portraits. The school's unique architecture and tech-forward spaces can reflect the student's personalities and aspirations, showcasing their readiness for the future.

By incorporating the identity and atmosphere of these schools into the senior portrait sessions, I aim to create meaningful and memorable images that students and families in Coppell will cherish, reflecting the students' journey and achievements at this pivotal time in their lives.

Corporate Headshot Photography

In Coppell, my business and corporate headshot services start at $349, catering to professionals seeking to enhance their corporate image. Business headshots are a critical component of professional branding, conveying a sense of competence and professionalism essential in the corporate world. Check out our headshot pricing for groups, individuals, or large teams here.

Corporate headshots, specifically, are tailored to meet the needs of individuals in various sectors, from executives and entrepreneurs to small business owners and freelancers. These headshots are not just about capturing a good photo but about projecting a professional image that aligns with corporate standards and personal branding goals.

The process involves understanding the client's business context and the message they wish to convey through their headshot. Whether the aim is to appear approachable yet authoritative for a leadership role or polished and confident for a client-facing position, each session is customized to meet these objectives. Lighting, background, and posing are carefully selected to enhance the subject's best features while ensuring the headshot fits within the professional norms of their industry.

For business and corporate headshots in Coppell, I provide a seamless experience from consultation to the final delivery of images, ensuring each client receives a headshot that not only meets but exceeds their professional branding requirements. These headshots are valuable for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and marketing materials, playing a crucial role in shaping individuals' professional image and career advancement in Coppell’s diverse business landscape.

Local Favorites

Coppell is known for its community-focused amenities like the Coppell Farmers Market and the CORE recreation center. It provides excellent settings for various photography sessions that capture the city’s lively community spirit and scenic beauty.

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