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Who should give a toast at a wedding?

Who gives a toast at a wedding?

  Wedding toasts are a fun opportunity for the people closest to the bride and groom to tell stories and share their sentiments. Whether it’s at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception, anyone speaking should feel comfortable and be able to bring notes or a copy of their speech if needed.

Rehearsal dinner toasts

 The rehearsal dinner is usually a more casual affair than the wedding itself and so toasts may be less formal than the ones to come on the wedding day. Typically, the host or hosts of the dinner will say a few words thanking the guests for coming and congratulating the bride and groom. The bride and groom can then take the opportunity to offer their thanks to the host, to the guests and to share a few words about their soon-to-be spouse. Rehearsal toasts are light-hearted, genuine, and full of stories that can be shared with close family and friends. Since a rehearsal dinner tends to be an intimate event, it is generally acceptable for any guests who wish to share a few words to do so.

Wedding reception toasts

Be sure that anyone giving a toast at the wedding reception knows when the toasts will take place and where they will need to be to speak. If someone does not like public speaking, don’t make them feel pressured to take the stage, just have someone else speak instead. For example, if the best man is uncomfortable talking in front of a crowd, the groom’s father or a groomsmen could speak instead. 

Reception toasts shouldn’t be too long, just a few minutes is plenty of time for each person giving a speech. If you are speaking, be sure not to share information that is very personal or could be embarrassing for the bride or groom.

Who typically speaks at a wedding reception:

The best man – Typically, the best man will congratulate the couple and speak about the bride.

The maid of honor – After the best man has finished his speech, the maid of honor will often say her congratulations and talk about the groom.

The father of the bride – Sometimes the father of the bride, or the host of the wedding,  will give a speech to thank guests and talk about the couple.

The bride and groom – Some couples choose to take a moment at their wedding to thank the guests for coming to their special day.

Who should not speak

To play it safe, the DJ (or anyone that is in charge of the microphone) should be given a list of who is allowed to speak at the wedding. Although it can be tempting to have the microphone open to anyone who wants to say a words, this can often lead to disaster. If too many people give a speech, it can become boring for guests. If alcohol is being served, the microphone should not be given to anyone who may have had too much to drink to save both the speaker and the couple from any possible embarrassment.  Everyone has the crazy uncle in the family that may be too willing to share his opinions!! 







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