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When hiring a wedding professional makes sense

When hiring a wedding professional pays off

With how fast the costs of planning a wedding can add up, in can be tempting to cut corners to try and get the most out of your wedding’s budget. Some couples wonder if they could just have a friend or two perform some duties at the wedding rather than hiring someone in order to save money. While there are plenty of parts of a wedding that don’t necessarily require you to hire somewhere- there are some jobs that need a professional’s touch and experience such as the wedding coordinator, the photographer and the DJ. Hiring professionals to fill these spots is worth every penny simply because they are there for one reason:  to make sure what you want, is what you get.

The Coordinator

Having a professional wedding coordinator can not only help save you money in the long run by giving you access to someone who can provide alternative ideas and find the best ways to stretch your budget, it will also make your wedding as stress free as possible. In an ideal world, there would never be any unruly wedding guests or guests who try to change things at your wedding, but sometimes it happens. A professional will know how to handle these situations, and won’t be afraid to step in so your wedding can carry on as you want it to. If you are still not sure about hiring a coordinator, picture the day of your wedding. When it comes and you are getting ready, would you rather be giving directions to vendors, checking the final touches, trying to deal with very early guests and calling about the cake delivery or simply enjoying the time with the ones you love?  Great coordinators make sure everything happens when and how it should – so you can enjoy each moment of your wedding without worrying about logistics.

The DJ

 Whether you hire a DJ or a band – having a true professional behind the microphone at your wedding is a must. You may know someone who is perfectly capable of putting on songs for you for free, but a wedding DJ does so much more than that. Professional DJs know how to read the crowd so they can keep your guests dancing with songs they actually enjoy. They will ask you for a list of songs or genres to not play and be able to make suggestions for music you may not have thought of based on your likes and dislikes. Another important reason to have a professional DJ is that that they are their are there to work so they won’t get distracted by all the fun and will ensure the microphone only ends up in the hands of the people you want to have it. Finally, a professional DJ works with your coordinator to keep your reception running on time, so all the activities you planned for can take place.

The Photographer

Not hiring a professional photographer can be tempting at first, a lot of people these days have good quality cameras and you may have a few friends saying they will happily snap some shots for you.  Almost every couple that passes on a professional photographer regrets it the moment they sit down to look at their photos – don’t make the same mistake.  A professional photographer is a must for many reasons.  First of all, because they work for you, so you will get the photos you want and not risk ending up with one photo of the bridesmaids and fifty of the person-behind-the-camera’s date.  Also, professional photographers know how to handle the crowd.  They can get your bridal party organized into flattering poses in a timely matter because they have a knack for getting people to follow their directions. With professional photos, your pictures won’t be random snapshots – they will be professional pieces of work done by someone with the skills and knowledge to work with any light, any weather, any crowd and, most importantly, who can give you the memories you want to have on display for a lifetime.

The Florist

Nobody wants dead flowers on their wedding day.  It is extremely important to do your research when choosing a florist.  Flowers need to be kept in the optimum conditions for not only the type of flower, but also the time of year.  Choosing someone with a creative vision can help you accomplish your goals for your wedding day.  The florist is responsible for a lot of the decor on a wedding day, so making sure that your flowers look beautiful should be a top priority! 


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