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Portrait shoot with Jen at Townsley Canyon! | Santa Clarita Portrait Photographers

So after obtaining some new gear last week, Jen and I have been dying to test it out with an outdoor shoot. We recently added a Canon 5D Mark II to our gear list, along with a Canon 24-105mm F/4.0L and a Canon 135mm F/2.0L Prime lens to our camera bag. We headed out to to location in the SCV that we have been longing to shoot at for too long.

Unfortunately, my meteorology was off due to the fall fast approaching, and we made it there 10 minutes after the golden hour, when this location will really shine. No problem though, we had nice flat light to work with!  This was a good intro for us, as we are looking to work with some models over the next few months and expand our fashion/editorial portfolio.  We were extremely happy with our new glass!  It produced some amazing shots and we can’t wait to use it in the near future!

Jen liked the one on the right, and my favorite was the one on the left.  We both agreed that we liked the one below second best!

The new lens gives a great background blur, or “bokeh” as known in photography.

One of my other favorites

Townsley Canyon is one of the best locations in Santa Clarita to shoot at, there were other photographer shooting there as well while we had our 1/2 hour session.

The shot below reminds me of a Guess Ad




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