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Los Angeles Greek Wedding Photographer | Nikki and Matt

St. Nicholas Greek Church Wedding


Venue | St Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church, Granada Hills, California – 9501 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91325

Reception | St. Nicholas Grande Ballroom – 9501 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91325

DJ | Nate Boogee Entertainment

The Whisper Restaurant & Lounge – Executive Chef Anthony Jacquet

Florist | Village Florist – Granada Hills

Hair and Makeup Artist(s) | Leading Lady Make-Up – Christine Guederian-Redmon & Melina Farhadi

Susanna Wilkins

Spinky’s – Lea Newton

Los Angeles Wedding Photographers | Michael Anthony & Brielle Oakley


There are some images we photograph at this beautiful church that are iconic. We have two images of Mel's wedding hanging in our studio before this wedding.  St Nick's is beautiful in every way.  When you combine that with our architectural focused style, we get a very great result.
There are some images we photograph at this beautiful church that are iconic. We have two images of Mel’s wedding hanging in our studio before this wedding.  St Nick’s is beautiful in every way.  When you combine that with our architectural focused style, we get a very great result.

How did you meet? (Give us all the details)

I went to Louisville and Matt went to my brother school, Crespi. We met at C-Cubed when I was a sophmore and Matt was a junior. C-Cubed was a carnival type event that Crespi had put on one Friday night…my twin sister, Mel actually had a little crush on Matt and was too shy to introduce herself so I decided to introduce MYself in hopes of getting them talking. We were friends and my sister ended up starting to date someone else from another school, so Matt eventually asked me out on a date the following year! We dated for a short time (a couple months) in Matt’s senior year but then parted ways when Matt graduated and went to UC Irvine. We did not keep in contact after that. I finished up my senior year the following year and when I was about to leave for college, Matt called me out of the blue to wish me a “Happy Birthday” uh-huh ya right. We started hanging out as friends again and when we spent time together, we both thought it was weird that it felt as though no time had passed even though we had not been in contact for over a year. We eventually decided to give our relationship another shot and we’ve been together ever since!


We were on vacation at our usual spot in Maui in April 2014. Matt was acting really weird that morning and not wanting to eat breakfast (and if you know him, he’s a garbage disposal so for him to not be hungry was really strange!!). He eventually told me he had rented a car for the day and he was going to take me out! He took me to the Maui Tropical Plantation, one of my favorite places on the island! We toured the plantation and walked around, little did I know that was just a distraction. When we left I thought we were going back to the hotel to hang on the beach, but instead we pulled up to the airport and Matt said he had scheduled a flight for us!! Matt is in training for his pilot’s license so it did not surprise me he did this, but I am still too scared to go flying with him (plus it was really windy that day) so after lots of pleading, I finally and RELUCTANTLY agreed. We ended up taking a helicopter tour of the waterfalls on the island of Molokai. The views were breathtaking and the waterfalls were insane. Our pilot decided to take us cliff diving in the helicopter, and when he did, the most gorgeous falls emerged from the hillside. We pulled right up next to it, Matt took his seat belt off, and got down on one knee mid-air and asked me to marry him. BEST.FEELING.EVER!!!!!!!!!!! After the helicopter landed, Matt took me to get a manicure and then we headed to Roy’s for dinner, it was definitely the best day ever.

Our favorite memory together would have to consist of the time we have spent together while traveling. We love exploring new places and since Matt is away so much for his job, we really just cherish the time we actually get to spend together.
Name 3 of your personality traits
Nikki – loyal, stubborn, giving Matt – dedicated, kind, funny

I think that we are unique because we are a couple who are very independent of each other, yet we are still so connected. We have both chosen jobs that take a lot of time away from each other, yet we both have the complete patience to fully support each other through our career choices. A firefighter and a person in finance are both very demanding jobs, so although we are not physically together often, we are still always mentally connected with the love we have for each other. We both also really cherish time together with our families and friends.

We encompass two complete opposite ends of the spectrum and it’s pretty hilarious. We love country music and we also tend to really get down with old school rap and R&B.

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