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Iceland 2017 | Los Angeles Destination Wedding Photographers

I have been wanting to make blog posts with some of our destination images for a long time, but it seems like I never finish editing the images from these sessions, but rather than wait for the whole set to be complete, I figured I would add images as we go. Here are some of our favorite images so far from our trip to Iceland last month..

For those of you who are just starting to follow us, every year we do 1-3 overseas trips for our clients. Our MAPhoto wedding collections include bridal sessions, and we allow our clients to travel with us to shoot these sessions, there are no extra travel costs involved, you just have to get yourself to our destinations the same time we are going to be there to have your images taken here.

In 2017 here is our remaining travel schedule, which will undoubtably change..

September – San Francisco (multiple dates available)
October – New York
November – Chicago (early) Washington DC (mid)
December – Miami (potentially), Paris (mid)

I’ll start with my favorite, because this is our first time taking a self-portrait when traveling…Iceland would have been where we would have chosen to do our own wedding photos, so this is one of Jen and I.

We brought the cape, it worked out with the wind!

If I told you this was an easy shot, I would be lying…..This took a 3 mile hike each way, and Melly had to climb the side of the plane, then the wind was blowing the wrong direction, so we had to turn her around in post production.

One of my favs of Kristen, these Moss covered Lava fields are sacred, so we had to be very careful when walking out there.

Our couple braved the cold here to get this shot, it took a few minutes to get a slow enough shutter speed to let the water turn this milky color.

One of my favs of Jen, still so many more to edit

A lot of work with this one because we had to shoot around the tourists, took a few shots to remove them and had our retouching team remove the current construction and tourists.

We turned Melly into an Ice Princess, however her crown was bought from the Fashion District in Downtown LA, can’t wait to share more from this shoot.

I’ve never seen Jen drive such a hard bargain, she bartered photos of this horse to get him to take a photo with……..I was shocked when the owner allowed us to use him, he was beautiful!

“Me and my band,” The horse on the left kept making goofy faces.  Icelandic horses are SO friendly, and amazing….online, photographers asked if we composited this image, but we didn’t, all we did was remove a horse standing behind Jen in post production, but they did position themselves like this.

Another of Kristen in the lava fields, can’t wait to show you what we created with her in our red chiffon dress!

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