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A Fun Family Photography Session at Hart Park in Santa Clarita

So we teamed up with the awesome Katie Tidball, and her adorable 6 month old daughter Harlow!  We were also joined by her niece Charlotte in Hart Park in Santa Clarita!  Katie has been making headbands and accessories for babies, and she has been doing an incredible job at it!  She decided that for Harlow’s 6 month shoot, she wanted to do something vintage, and fun!  Katie has an amazing talent as a stylist.  In commercial photography, the photographer is responsible for working a scene and balancing lighting, posing, and composition.  The stylist is the person who designs the scene.  They pick the models, clothing, theme, and setting.  They are also responsible for bringing it all together.  Katie once showed us pictures of her and her husband Justin’s in their engagement photos, in which she dressed him (Jen dressed me for mine as well), and the results were amazing.  When she told me that she was planning out Harlow’s shoot, I knew it was going to be awesome.  As you can see from the photos below, it was!

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  1. Look at these two beauties!!! How happy they are!!! Thank you so much for sharing Christina. You’re a lucky lady.

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