New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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Style and Tips for the Groom and His Men | Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers

Well, this topic should come easily to me, I will be a groom in three weeks.  While this is really meant to be an informative post for brides, it is also being written for them to direct their groom to for style tips.  Now I am no fashionista, but Jen has made sure I will look presentable at our wedding, and more important, she has made sure that my groomsmen will as well.  So let’s get to it!  The first step up, you need to choose a tux, suit, or other ensembles that fit your wedding!  For instance, a black tux may not go well with a beach wedding, so make sure that you plan accordingly.  Let’s take a look at what is in style.

Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers


Alright, guys, same rules apply for a portrait shoot.  You need a tux that conforms to your body!  The ’90s are over, and we are not wearing baggy pants and oversized jackets to our weddings!  I recommend a fitted, or for some, a slim fit modern suit.  A great spot for men’s wedding attire.  We got our suits from them, and his customer service is second to none.  In addition, we were able to select from a bunch of various styles we could not find at Men’s Wearhouse or any other mall tux shop.


What type of wedding are you having?  What are the colors?  I can tell you the trends.  The current “in” thing is bright.  With a pastel color theme, I would recommend a light grey.  Are you bold?  Then classic black with bright, vibrant colors may be your thing.  One BIG thing I can tell you is to pay attention to the color of the wedding dress.  You may be saying, they are all white right?  Wrong.  Nothing looks worse than an Ivory wedding dress clashing with white shirts.  So brides, if your dress is ivory (awesome current trend), then make sure that the groom and his men match with their shirts and ties.

Style and Cut

Men, consider an open jacket with a vest, or a standard tie as opposed to a bowtie.  Are you going to do a classic notched lapel, or a modern shawl?  I wouldn’t recommend the peaked lapel, unless you want to throw in the tailcoat and look like an English butler.


While distractions should be kept to a minimum, I would recommend a nice watch and a nice set of cufflinks.  This is your ONLY wedding (hopefully), so make sure that you do it right!  Current jewelry trends still consist of white gold or silver, and small stones if any.  Make sure the color theme goes with your wedding colors!

Now for the grooms reading this.  The single most important piece of advice that I can give to you is, make sure that the bride gives her stamp of approval!

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