New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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MAPhoto Team

MAPhoto Team

Los Angeles Wedding Photographers | Keeping Guests Entertained During Cocktail Hour

Keeping guests entertained while taking wedding photos

 Many wedding ceremonies take place at the same location as the reception, so when the wedding party heads off for post-ceremony pictures, the guests are left to their own devices for a short time. Keep your guests entertained while they wait for the reception to begin with a few of these ideas:

Make it cocktail hour

Have drinks and h’orderves available for your guests while they wait. This encourages mingling and interesting finger-foods can be a great conversation started for guests who have not met yet.

Keep them busy

Place your guest book out somewhere guests can see it during this time so they can add their name while they wait. Consider having a non-traditional guest book such as a photo guestbook, where guests take a snapshot with a polaroid, or a leave out supplies for guests to create custom cards. Not only will this keep your guests busy, it will also  leave you with some wonderful surprises.

Offer games

Place games around the waiting area that guests can pick up and play at their leisure. Remember that some people will be perfectly content sitting and talking, so don’t try to force games on anyone. For outdoor weddings, lawn games such as bocce ball, bean bag toss or ladder-ball are all fun choices that can be played in wedding attire. For those indoors, leave out a crossword puzzle created with words about your relationship or a quiz.

Provide interactive food

 Interactive food can be a lot of fun and gives guests something to make the time go by quickly. Have an ice cream bar, or set up a s’more station, either outside by a fire or inside with a burner, where guests can create their own gooey treats. Some couples have candy bars available, allowing guests to fill bags with their favorite candies and then take the bags home as wedding favors.

Let the guests take photos too

While you’re off with the photographer, let the guests create their own photos for you to cherish as the years pass by. Have a photobooth available with props and chalkboards for guests to create fun photos. If a photobooth isn’t in your budget, leave out polaroid cameras with a box for photos to be dropped into.

Get them dancing

Consider hiring a lively band to play during this time, encouraging your guests to dance and let loose while they wait. For those who don’t want to dance, watching an exciting band perform can be just as entertaining. 

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