New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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Rosecliff Mansion Luxury Wedding

Some weddings you shoot will be a breath of fresh air. They present minimal problems, the venue is impressive, and for some reason, the lighting remains your friend throughout the day. This wedding was one of those, and we have to admit we had a field day shooting.

We were contacted by the bride Michelle and her wedding planner Casey who knew what they wanted from the get-go. They had envisioned this beautiful scene for their wedding which was to take place at The Rainbow Room in Manhattan initially. Her now husband-to-be Krishna also seemed to share her vision. This we were able to discuss with the couple and come up with a strategy to get the excellent Rosecliff Mansion wedding photos the two wanted.


We should mention that the mansion was a secondary venue. The first event, a much larger party, had to be postponed thanks to the changes in wedding formats brought about by Coronavirus. Nevertheless, as the results will show in the sample images, that ended up working to our advantage. Following Michelle’s instructions, the New York-based vendors contracted to handle the design of the Rhode Island venue didn’t disappoint. The resulting décor was a breeze to work with. Consequently, we were able to get some fantastic luxury wedding detail photos of the venue and ceremony. Additionally, the backgrounds for the portraits we took were phenomenal.


Despite having such a big venue, the affair itself ended up being an intimate ceremony with relatively few guests attending as per the couple’s wishes. Nevertheless, it ended up working in our favor allowing us to actualize what Michelle and Krishna had envisioned.  Since there weren’t that many people, we had ample time taking shots of the guests. This further allowed us to focus on Michelle and Krishna ensuring they got beautiful wedding photos. As it turned out, we were allowed lots of creative freedom in how we handled taking the Rosecliff Mansion wedding photos. This is something we photographers greatly appreciate.

Luxury Destination Weddings

One misconception people have is that destination weddings can be tough to plan, the truth is that planning luxury wedding events doesn’t have to be scary. However, visiting the venue beforehand and maybe having a bit of a hand in the planning to give yourself a photographic advantage may make things a lot easier. And another thing that is absolutely essential is to make sure that you have an amazing wedding planner. We had the opportunity to work with Casey, Debbie, & Stacy from Imagine Party & Rentals who did a phenomenal job putting this together. A concrete vision from the client could also help things along.

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