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MAPhoto Team

MAPhoto Team

Ambassador Mansion Wedding | Pasadena Wedding Photographers | Veronica and Humberto

Humberto and Veronica {06.13.15} – Ambassador Mansion and Gardens Wedding

  • Ceremony Venue | Ambassador Mansion and Gardens
  • Reception Venue | Ambassador Mansion and Gardens
  • Flowers | G Fiori Floral Desings
  • Coordinators | DNT Elite Events – Naomi Takahashi
  • Officient | Rev. Aidan Comerford
  • Cake | Artistic Cakes 
  • Hair | Perfect Day, Perfect Look *
  • Makeup | All Dolled Up Beauty Lounge *
  • Catering | Cynthia Brooks Catering
  • JD/MC | Omid Ali aka DJ Kamayo 
  • Photo Booth | Pure HD Photobooths 
  • Salsa Band | Mauricio, La Banda 
  • Samba Performers | Samba & More 
  • Rentals | Ventura Rentals
  • Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Michael Anthony & Eric Killingsworth

Read below to hear their story.  Also, we are holding a free family session giveaway for any of Veronica and Humberto’s friends as part of our “Spread the Love” Giveaway.  

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Q. How did he propose?

A. In our bedroom, at the end of long,long weekend that consisted of attending multiple weddings. He had picked up the ring on Friday and could not wait to ask. Once we were at the weddings he definitely felt the love and could not wait to propose how he initially planned. It was a spur of the moment proposal and that is what I love the most!

Q. What do you both do for a living?

A. Veronica- Communications & Marketing; Humberto- Administration

Q. How did you meet?

A. We were set up by my sister and her than boyfriend to go to Homecoming Dance he was the consolation prize!

Q. Name 3 things you like about your fiancé:

A. What I like about him is his sense of humor, totally inappropriate just like mine, his charisma and charm, and his intellectualism.

What he like about me, my goofiness, that I can easily carry a conversation with anyone and make them feel welcome, and supportiveness. 

Q. Aside from his proposal, what is your favorite memory together?

A. That we truly have a love story. There is not just one memory, but a collection of memories that truly represent who we are. We have been grown up together, been there for each other in the good and bad. If I had to choose a specific memory I would say it was our third first date, because I knew at that point this was it for me! He was the one, and had always been there right the start.

Q. Name 3 of your fiancé’s personality traits:

A. He is passive, goes with flow, and patient. He is also a researcher and will analyze all options thoroughly before coming to a decision (analytical).

Q. What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

A. That we are truly two big kids at heart! We don’t have any crazy hobbies or participate in any extreme sports but we just get each other. One look and I already know what he is thinking and I am not talking just gushy moments, I mean I know what he is literally thinking in a particular situation.

Q. Name 3 of your personality traits:

A. Easy going, energetic, easy to work with and get along with other. But I must warn you I am also controlling, detail orientated, and a procrastinator at times which I hope does not make me a bridezilla.

Q. What would you say your style is as a couple?

A. fun, happy go lucky, and laid back.

Veronica was blown away after seeing Humberto for the first time.  Pun intended.  Really, she was tearing up and Humberto was quick to make sure her beautiful makeup by Monica Swanson did not get ruined. Veronica was blown away after seeing Humberto for the first time.  Pun intended.  Really, she was tearing up and Humberto was quick to make sure her beautiful makeup by Monica Swanson did not get ruined.

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