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There are few people that can say that they've ever had the opportunity to sleep in a castle. My career as an international destination wedding photographer has given me that opportunity more than once. I have a confession to make, as a child, I had an obsession with castles, should you be able to sleep in one it's something that would have made the child version of me very jealous...The adult me, however, is much more happy to photograph inside this beautiful location than to just sleep in... This Castle, or French Chateau, was located in the city of Nantes. after driving from Paris, we settled at this beautiful chateau and spent the day prior to the wedding working directly with the couple to create epic, cinematic portraits unique to them...By working with the couple, we were able to create an image that Grace has their walls in the living room of their home. For anybody considering getting married in France, we highly recommend looking into the numerous French chateaus that are available for rent throughout the entire country. all it takes is a little driving and a little effort during the search to reveal some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Location: Nantes, France.

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