Same sex wedding in Los Angeles.
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Same sex wedding in Los Angeles.

We shot this wedding in the middle of the barren desert. This is off on the side of the road with trash everywhere, and not a human in sight. I'll never forget the groom looking at me and saying here, we know you're going to find something to do with it. Challenge accepted...To make this image we created an in-camera double exposure. Utilizing a long lens, we placed the subjects dead center on the bottom of the frame and utilizing a silhouette of one of the videos flip the camera upside down the subjects in the center of the silhouette...When we showed the groom's the way that the photo turned out they smiled at me and said, we knew you would be able to figure out what to do with it...Earning that trust from our clients is what has allowed us to build a platform that has been so incredible at helping us share our art with the world. 1/2000; f/2.5; ISO 50; 85.0 mm.

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